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Exp Summer Daily Blog

The blog becomes active each summer starting just before we're in session. Its a great place to see what our students are doing on a daily basis.

Tim Schaffer

Mr. Schaffer is a hat rack: he dons so many different rolls here at Deerfield Academy–Experimentory Program Coordinator, Medical Chaperone, Store Clerk, Test Proctor, and Greeter–that you never know where you might bump into him on campus. Before Deerfield, he could be found working for an insurance company, destroying things people don’t want any more, or helping college students ponder the mysteries of life. On the creative side he writes: he contributes to his family’s storybook, keeps a personal blog, and works on a speculative fiction novel. He also reads, doodles, daydreams, teases, tells stories, and cuddles with his cat.

Mentors in the Dorm: The Doubleday Proctors

Posted by Tim Schaffer on May 18, 2017

Our last blog post only told half a story. Today we continue introducing our 2017 Experimentory Proctors Team with the boys' proctors hailing from Doubleday Dorm.

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Mentors in the Dorm: The Johnson Proctors

Posted by Tim Schaffer on May 15, 2017

So much in life is determined by the people we have around us. It's time to introduce the Experimentory Cast of Characters for 2017 -- starting with the Girls' Proctors.

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Maximize Your Creativity: Joy

Posted by Tim Schaffer on May 9, 2017

Joy is something special. It's too lively to be confused with simple contentment. With roots deeper than your current circumstances, it's more than happiness. Joy is finding something that makes your heart sing.

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A Day at the Experimentory: Sit Down Lunch

Posted by Tim Schaffer on May 2, 2017

People bond over food. You won't find anything closer to a universal, cross-cultural truth than that. That's why Deerfield Academy has a long-standing tradition of family-style sit-down meals -- and why the Experimentory has chosen to continue that tradition in the summer.

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A Day at the Experimentory: Field Trips

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 27, 2017

Not only is the Experimentory on the beautiful Deerfield Academy campus, we're in a great town and region -- so we aren't about to become homebodies. Whether it be a walk down the street through Historic Deerfield, team building at a ropes course, a day of the roller coaster adrenaline rush at Six Flags, a wild whitewater ride down the Deerfield River, our big trip to Boston, or one of our...

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Student Voices: Maximizing Communication (Amethyst)

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 21, 2017

Amethyst -- an international Experimentory student who joined us two years in a row -- discovered the satisfaction of seeing rough ideas mix and develop into a final product during her Music Composition + Film Production course cluster. The result was even better than she imagined, and she became a better communicator along the way.

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A Day at the Experimentory: All X

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 19, 2017

Inspiring quotes. A harp solo. A skit about brushing your teeth. Impromptu interpretive dance. A friend's impassioned speech. A Rubik's Cube throwdown. A choreographed group dance. A teacher's personal reflection. A life-size word jumble. A series of delightfully, painfully, remarkably quite terrible jokes.

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A Day at the Experimentory: DFG

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 13, 2017

With all our classes, projects, field trips, crafts, games, birthday parties, studio time, shared meals, co-curriculars... It would be easy to overfill each day at the Experimentory with scheduled activities. But part of Maximizing your Character is striking a healthy life-work balance -- and so we take relaxing very seriously.

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A Day at the Experimentory: Course Clusters

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 6, 2017


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The Experimentory visits Scholar Search Associates!

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 6, 2017

On April 2, 2017 the Experimentory at Deerfield Academy participated in a Scholar Search Associates event. Director Jill Schaffer gave a talk entitled, "You, Your Student, and Einstein" addressing how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome while Electronics Teacher Ben Bakker gave students a taste of Experimentory creative fun with a short robotics class. 

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