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The Experimentory Blog

Our year-round blog has the most recent updates

Exp Summer Daily Blog

The blog becomes active each summer starting just before we're in session. Its a great place to see what our students are doing on a daily basis.

The Final Days

Day 24: Witnessing the Growth of Our Students

Day 23: Where I'm From

Day 22: Reflecting at the Final All-X Meeting

Day 21: Shipping Off to Boston

Day 20: Playing and Picnicking in the Park

Day 19: Color Wars

Day 18: Learning by Doing (and Redoing)

Day 17: Starting Final Projects with One Week Left

Day 16: Mise En Scène

Day 15: Inspiration and Wonder on Deerfield Day

Day 14: Weekend Round Up

Day 13: Local Roots

Day 12: Sewing Together New Skills in Puppet Making

Day 11: Up the River (Without a Dictionary)

Day 10: Music + Film, Hitting the Right Note

Interlude: The MC Squared

Day 9: (LED) Lights, Camera, Action!

Day 8: Making Friends, Building Community

Day 7: Balancing Silly and Studious

Day 6: Theater + Electronics, Super Charged Energy

Day 5: Architecture + Culture, Where the Buildings Tell Stories

Day 4: Rain or Shine, On or Off the Ground

Day 3: Creativity and Character in Action

Day 2: Puzzling It Over

Day 1: Students from Here, There, and Everywhere!

Get Ready, Get Set...: Why We're Here

Get Ready, Get Set...: Where We Are

Get Ready, Get Set: Who We Are

Day 28 and Beyond – Taking Home Memories and Lessons

Day 27 – Ending Very Well – The Showcase

Day 26 – Ending Well (Architecture and Culture)

Day 25 – Ending Well (Music and Film)

Day 24 – Aspiring to Leadership, Finding Peace

Day 23 – The Co-Curricular Olympics!

Day 22 – Dance-Dance-Dance

Day 21 – A Boston Story Smorgasbord

Day 20 – Dramatic and Chromatic Interpretation

Day 19 – A (Wonderfully) Ordinary Afternoon

Day 18 – Fantasy Sport

Day 17 – Friends on the Trail

Day 16 – Film Debut

Day 15 – Keeping it Local

Day 14 – Talents on Display

Day 13 – An Appetite for Learning

Day 12 – Not Just a Place to Sleep

Day 11 – (Not Quite) Gently Down the Stream

Day 10 – A Visit to Theater and Electronics

Day 9 - A Communication Foundation

Day 8 – Let the Games Begin…

Day 7 – Beating the Heat at Six Flags

Day 6 – From Noise to Music

Day 5 – Class Trip and Marble Contraption

Day 4 - Learning the Ropes

Day 3 - Innovation within Tradition

Day 2 - Dirty Palms and Green Thumbs

Day 1 - Goodbye, Hello

Pre-Program Post 4: Becoming a Team

Pre-Program Post 3 - Focus Point

Pre-Program Post 2 - Coming Soon...

Pre-Program Post 1: Experimentory in the Making