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Day 16: Mise En Scène

Jul 28, 2017 7:15:59 AM

In film and theater, the mise en scène, which translates directly to "putting in place," is the setting and staging of actors, props, scenery, and lighting - it is the intentional arranging of the things in front of the camera. Oftentimes the director and producer of a film work intently on the mise en scène, which is like a visual theme, before ever even filming. To give our students practice contemplating the role of mise en scène in creative performances, Film teacher Jaime Correa charged groups of students with the task of recreating a painting's mise en scène in a photograph. Media Manager Kayla Corcoran includes the final recreations below.

Painting 1 Reading, Richter 1994.jpg
AM 1.png PM 1.jpg
Both Lucy F.'s and Lucy G.'s group were responsible for recreating Gerhard Richter's "Lesende" (Reader) from 1994. While the original image is the same, both groups used different rooms and props to evoke a similar mise en scène.


Painting 2 Intermission Hopper 1963.jpg
AM 2 (1).png PM 2.jpg

Asked to recreate the mise en scène for Edward Hopper's "Intermission" (1963), both groups in hte morning and afternoon cluster chose the same space; in the first recreation, Tiffany can be seen from a different angle than Ms. Stoll, who features in the second recreation.


Painting 3 Horizontes Cano 1914.jpg
AM 3.jpg PM 3.jpeg
On the left, Megan and Carolyn attempt to recreate the mise en scène for Fidel Cano's "Horizontes" (1913). On the right, Xander and Olivia do the same. Both groups used the green screen for their background.


Painting 4 Meredith Frampton Marguerite Kelsey 1928.jpg
AM 4.jpg PM 4.jpg
Drawing inspiration from Meredith Frampton's "Portrait of a Young Woman," (1935) Spencer and Charlotte present their group's interpretation of the mise en scène. 


Painting 5 Geli Korzhev Raising the Banner.jpg
AM 5.jpg PM 5.jpg

The mise en scène of post-WWII artist Geli Korzhev's "Raising the Banner" is depicted here, with Emily and Amelie taking the place of the man with the banner. Photoshop on these images helps recreate the hyperrealistic painting style.


At the Experimentory, our students are always learning by doing. Now that the students in the Film + Music cluster have contemplated and recreated the mise en scène of some famous paintings, they're getting to work on the staging of their own original short films. We have no doubt that they'll be as well put together as these scenes are!

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