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Mentors in Modern Storytelling: Music + Film Faculty

June 14, 2017

Surrounded as we are by speakers and screens, we take in more music and film than any other cultural art form... But why settle for just being a consumer -- why not become a creator as well? "Storytelling for the Eyes and Ears" is an opportunity to learn the rudiments of music theory and visual literacy so that you can join in the fun. Let's meet the teachers that will help you on this adventure!

The three teachers on our Music + Film team filming with students on location.

Here are the folks that will help keep you focused and in tune:

Mr. Correa, Film:  Although he's both a thoughtful film scholar and an avid fan of all film, Mr. Correa's particular passion is road movies. 

Mr. Peisch, Music: Besides conducting the Deerfield Academy Orchestra and playing in his own jazz trio, Mr. Peisch dabbles in rock, blues, and traditional country music.

Mr. Westin, Teaching Fellow: While studying sax in college there was hardly an ensemble on campus Mr. Westin didn't join. He's ready to help you pursue your passions with a similar zeal!

Our 2017 staff team blog posts are just the the title credits -- opening measures -- a preview trailer. Everyone loves the opening crawl in a Star Wars film, but would you watch one only to cut out before seeing a single Jedi or stormtrooper? Visit our Experimentory People Page for full descriptions of Mr. Westin, Mr. Peisch, and Mr. Correa, plus the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

Kevin, Natasha, Amelia, and Abram working on music compositions

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