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Mentors in the Dorm: The Johnson Proctors

May 15, 2017

So much in life is determined by the people we have around us. It's time to introduce the Experimentory Cast of Characters for 2017 -- starting with the Girls' Proctors.

Proctors Sketch.jpg

Experimentory Proctors are first and foremost our students' mentors. They foster community life in the dorms, lead co-curricular activities, plan some big on-campus events, and chaperone field trips. Today we look at the four women who will fill these roles in Johnson - the Girls' Dorm. 

Katie: Of our 9 Proctors, she is easily most likely to be seen on campus wearing a giraffe costume...

Meghan: NoName, Ingrid Micheaelson, and Massenet -- Meghan studies operatic singing, but her tastes run through a little bit of everything.

Abby: This lover of Harry Potter and unusual Italian soda flavors is a writer -- and that's what brings her to the Experimentory this summer.

Ellie: She's a dancer, she's a local, and (perhaps) a time traveler bent on proving her theories about Shakespeare's true identity. 

This post is but a prelude -- a teaser -- an amuse-bouche. It would be a shame to skip out now and miss the main course. Visit our Experimentory People Page for a full description of Ellie, Katie, Abby, and Meghan, along with the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

++ Note ++ This post's featured image is a cartoon sketch of our 2016 Proctor and Teaching Fellows Team as drawn by Experimentor Allan last summer. Thanks again, Allan!!

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