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The blog becomes active each summer starting just before we're in session. Its a great place to see what our students are doing on a daily basis.

Maximize Your Creativity: Confidence

February 9, 2017

Imagine this: through dazzling creative genius, you and your friends invent something amazing - perhaps a iPhone app that spontaneously stops wars, or a dance move that slices bread. You could change the world! But sadly, none of you is willing to risk potential rejection to tell anyone about it. As a result, the Pumpernickel Dab never sees its day and deli discotechs never become a thing.

A tragic tale if ever there was one.

Middle school students come to the Experimentory to learn how to innovate, but we know that innovation without communication means great ideas will never get farther than a shoebox under your bed. In this Exp16 video, Aidan hones his public speaking confidence by selling a friendship with Lucy to his classmates.