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Our year-round blog describes our program, values, and plans for next year.

The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

Student Voices: Maximizing Communication (Amethyst)

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 21, 2017

Amethyst -- an international Experimentory student who joined us two years in a row -- discovered the satisfaction of seeing rough ideas mix and develop into a final product during her Music Composition + Film Production course cluster. The result was even better than she imagined, and she became a better communicator along the way.

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A Day at the Experimentory: All X

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 19, 2017

Inspiring quotes. A harp solo. A skit about brushing your teeth. Impromptu interpretive dance. A friend's impassioned speech. A Rubik's Cube throwdown. A choreographed group dance. A teacher's personal reflection. A life-size word jumble. A series of delightfully, painfully, remarkably quite terrible jokes.

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A Day at the Experimentory: DFG

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 13, 2017

With all our classes, projects, field trips, crafts, games, birthday parties, studio time, shared meals, co-curriculars... It would be easy to overfill each day at the Experimentory with scheduled activities. But part of Maximizing your Character is striking a healthy life-work balance -- and so we take relaxing very seriously.

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A Day at the Experimentory: Course Clusters

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 6, 2017


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The Experimentory visits Scholar Search Associates!

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 6, 2017

On April 2, 2017 the Experimentory at Deerfield Academy participated in a Scholar Search Associates event. Director Jill Schaffer gave a talk entitled, "You, Your Student, and Einstein" addressing how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome while Electronics Teacher Ben Bakker gave students a taste of Experimentory creative fun with a short robotics class. 

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Student Voices: Maximizing Risk (Xander)

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 27, 2017

Xander -- a seventh grader joining us for the summer of 2016 -- reflects on how the teachers in his Architecture + Culture class drew out his academic curiosity and encouraged him to take academic risks. The result? Work he can be proud of.

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Maximize Your Creativity: Failure

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 9, 2017

What is this? Failure as a way to maximize creativity?? No no, failure is bad -- embarrassing -- something to avoid at all costs, right? Aren't we aiming for a résumé with an unbroken chain of wins, A’s, and accomplishments? If you fall short, you should keep your head down and move on to something else... right?

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Student Voices: A Summer of Personal Growth (Natasha)

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 4, 2017

Why did you choose to participate in a summer program? What drew you to the Experimentory?

For the past four summers, I had been going to the US to attend summer programs. I have always loved the experience of living away from home as it made me more independent. Exploring different communities and new environments has always challenged me to discover a new part of myself.

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Maximize Your Character: Friendship

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 1, 2017

Exp Elements: Friendship

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Teacher Voices: Architecture and Place (Mr. Payne)

Posted by Tim Schaffer on February 20, 2017

Mr. David Payne is the Architecture teacher in the Experimentory's "Structures for Society: Architecture + Culture" course cluster. I recently stopped in during his Deerfield dorm office hours and asked him what he'd love to have middle school students learn in their class with him over the summer. Here's his response.

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