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Our year-round blog describes our program, values, and plans for next year.

The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

Applying to Exp19: Bring a Friend, Make a Friend

Posted by Tim Schaffer on February 21, 2019

Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Rey, Finn, and Poe. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. It's good to have friends along for the ride when embarking on an adventure--whether that adventure be destroying the Ring of Power or spending a month maximizing your creativity and character.

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Applying to Exp19: Financial Aid

Posted by Tim Schaffer on January 3, 2019

Every year the Experimentory provides tuition grants to some of its students in order to make their participation possible. This year's deadline to apply for financial assistance is February 1st, 2019. Today we'll be examining the Financial Aid process.

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Applying to Exp19: Course Selection

Posted by Tim Schaffer on December 18, 2018

After announcing our 2019 course listings in our last blog post, today we'll pull back the curtain and see how Exp19 course selection works.

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Exp News: Announcing our 2019 Courses

Posted by Tim Schaffer on December 7, 2018

If someone asks "What is most important in determining the success of the Experimentory each year?" the answer is clear: our students. But almost as important are our classes. Students attend the Experimentory to sample Deerfield Academy while maximizing their creativity and character. Our courses are where those goals become a practical reality. 

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Sampling Deerfield 2019

Posted by Tim Schaffer on November 5, 2018

Imagine: it's a hot, sticky day in late July. You've just finished a hike and you stop by a local ice cream stand on your way home. Stepping up to the window, you are amazed: they carry every flavor you can imagine -- and many you can't: Noni, Anise, Snozzberry Crunch (what's a snozzberry?). What do you choose? You wish you could try them all first before you decide.  Maybe you should just go...

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We are the Experimentory, 2018

Posted by Tim Schaffer on June 12, 2018

The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy is more than a catalogue of summer course offerings. It is not just a schedule of field trips and activities. It is not a recreational club with buildings and fields reserved for afternoon activities. In fact, the Experimentory isn't really an "it" at all --it's a "we"-- a community of mentors and students. 

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Student Voices: Challenge, Risk, Reward

Posted by Tim Schaffer on April 10, 2018

In today's video post, former Experimentory student Xander reflects on how his Experimentory teachers, Mr. Payne and Ms. Melvoin, encouraged his curiosity and challenged him to take academic risks. The result? He returned home knowing more about architecture, culture, group dynamics -- and himself. 

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Sampling Deerfield: Community

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 6, 2018

Aren’t valleys are wonderful? Cool swimming on a hot summer day. Farming in dark, fertile soil. Messing about in boats. It is no quirk of fate or whim that European immigrants settled Deerfield, MA in one.

Of course that’s the perspective of a Valley Dweller. When you live on a mountain, valleys are obstacles. And we all live on mountains – figuratively speaking.

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Maximize Character: Community

Posted by Tim Schaffer on March 1, 2018

You want a tree.

Trees are made of wood, right? So you stop by a lumber yard and purchase some 2x4's. An hour, a bottle of wood glue, and a whole lot of nails later, you have a trunk. Since trees stick out of the ground, you bury one end in dirt. After drilling a few holes and jamming in some broken broom handles, you have branches. Cut up newspapers form leaves; crinkled aluminum foil is...

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The Experimentory in a Nutshell

Posted by Tim Schaffer on February 21, 2018

Welcome to the Experimentory Blog! This post is a summary of who we are and what we do.

If you are just learning about the Experimentory for the first time: Welcome! This is a great place to get yourself oriented before you complete an application. Follow the green  links below to learn more about specific areas of interest.

If you are one of our regular readers: Welcome to you as well!! We...

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