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The Experimentory Blog

Our year-round blog describes our program, values, and plans for next year.

The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

All About Financial Aid

Sampling Deerfield 2020

Applying to Exp19: Bring a Friend, Make a Friend

Applying to Exp19: Financial Aid

Applying to Exp19: Course Selection

Exp News: Announcing our 2019 Courses

Sampling Deerfield 2019

We are the Experimentory, 2018

Student Voices: Challenge, Risk, Reward

Sampling Deerfield: Community

Maximize Character: Community

The Experimentory in a Nutshell

Experimentory News: One Month to Apply for Financial Aid

Maximize Your Character: Friendship

Sampling Deerfield: Traditions

Maximize Your Creativity and Character: Grit

Sampling Deerfield: The Campus

Maximize Your Creativity: Joy

Sampling Deerfield: Faculty

If the Experimentory were a Person...

Sampling Deerfield

How do I Apply to the Experimentory?

Experimentory News: The Exp18 Program Takes Shape

When and Where is the Experimentory?

Keeping in Touch: Anna Pettee in the Peace Corps

Who is the Experimentory? The Staff

Who is the Experimentory? The Students

Why Join the Experimentory? Trying Things on for Size

Why Join the Experimentory? Learning Innovation

What is the Experimentory?

The Experimentory Blog Returns! -- With a new feature...

Get Ready, Get Set: Who we are

Mentors Behind the Scenes: Our Office Staff

Mentors in Making Friends: The Community Life Staff

Mentors in Modern Storytelling: Music + Film Faculty

A Day at the Experimentory: Dorm Life

Mentors of Things Obvious Yet Hidden: Architecture + Culture Faculty

Student Voices: A Summer of Fun (Aidan)

Exp News: The Domestic Application Deadline Extension!

Mentors on the Stage and in the Lab: Theater + Electronics Faculty

A Day at the Experimentory: Studio

Mentors in the Dorm: The Doubleday Proctors

Mentors in the Dorm: The Johnson Proctors

Maximize Your Creativity: Joy

A Day at the Experimentory: Sit Down Lunch

A Day at the Experimentory: Field Trips

Student Voices: Maximizing Communication (Amethyst)

A Day at the Experimentory: All X

A Day at the Experimentory: DFG

A Day at the Experimentory: Course Clusters

The Experimentory visits Scholar Search Associates!

Student Voices: Maximizing Risk (Xander)

Maximize Your Creativity: Failure

Student Voices: A Summer of Personal Growth (Natasha)

Maximize Your Character: Friendship

Teacher Voices: Architecture and Place (Mr. Payne)

Maximize Your Creativity: Confidence

Student Voices: Diving Deeper into Music and Film (Max)

Student Voices: Finding a Whole New World of Friends (Sami)

Teacher Voices: Good vs. Bad Stress (Mr. Bakker, Electronics)

Preparing to Apply

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