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Applying to Exp19: Bring a Friend, Make a Friend

February 21, 2019

Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Rey, Finn, and Poe. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. It's good to have friends along for the ride when embarking on an adventure--whether that adventure be destroying the Ring of Power or spending a month maximizing your creativity and character.

We love it when students bring their friends with them to the Experimentory. This blog entry highlights that possibility and answers some common questions we hear from students and parents.

Q: Will I make friends at the Experimentory?

A: By far most students arrive at the Experimentory not knowing any one else on campus--perhaps not even anyone else in the state! How exciting! The opening days of our program are designed to maximize this opportunity in order to get to know your roommates, floor mates, and classmates. Our collaborative, project-based classes will only solidify those budding friendships. By the time students leave, the strangers they met just two or four weeks earlier are the closest of friends. They part ways exchanging hugs, contact information, and even tears. Many students say that these friendships are their favorite part of their Experimentory summer.

Q: What are the advantages of coming to the Experimentory with friends from home?

A: Are you familiar with the term "synergy?" It's the idea that a group can be much more than the sum of its parts--in other words 1 + 1 = 3. Friends can give one another courage to try new things, to make more friends, and remind each other to continue pursuing what they learned here when they return back home.

Q: Are there disadvantages to coming with friends from home?

A: Nothing you can't manage! Sometimes when we're with people we know, we are tempted to stick with just the people we know. Be sure to let one another venture out on your own. This is especially important when choosing classes and afternoon co-curricular activities: don't miss out on trying something you really want to try because you feel like you should only do what a friend wants. Make the circle of friends you form here your base camp: a launching spot and secure place to regroup between adventures.

Q: Can friends room together?

A: Typically we pair roommates together who don't already know each other--often they aren't even from the same state or country. This is a great way to make new friends. However, we do consider requests to room with friends. If this is something you're considering, let's talk.

Q: What about siblings?

A: We love it when siblings attend together. (I am reminded of this blog post about Abram encouraging his sister Ava on a ropes course at Experimentory 2016.) In fact, we offer a sibling discount to families with more than one student enrolled. We also appreciate that siblings, sometimes even more than friends, need space apart from one another. We touch base with parents regarding siblings' class assignments and rooming.

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