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Applying to Exp19: Course Selection

December 18, 2018

After announcing our 2019 course listings in our last blog post, today we'll pull back the curtain and see how Exp19 course selection works.

Step 1: Apply to the Program

The first step is, of course, to become an Experimentory student -- and the sooner the better. We assign classes giving priority to those who apply earlier in our Application season. If your Application is the twenty-fifth we receive, you'll be the twenty-fifth student assigned to classes. So start today!

Three students gather around a laptop to collaborate on their film project.
 Our application process is fully online!

Note that your place in this order is based on the date we receive the last requirement to complete your application -- which may be a teacher recommendation or school transcript rather than the forms you complete yourself.

Step 2: Share Your Preferences

After you are accepted into the program, you will receive a list of classes available during your

Session. You'll rank these options from the most to the least desirable. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Not all classes are available during all sessions. Some are only available Session 1 or Session 2, and longer courses are only available to Four-Week students.
  • Also, as classes fill up later in the application season, they may no longer be available. If a class fills to capacity, we will update our Courses Page to reflect that. So check there for any updates!

We will send our course selection paperwork out for the first time after February 1 -- so if you've already been accepted into the program (congratulations!) look for it then.

Step 3: Our Process

With your preferences in hand, we will go about assigning students to courses. There are some mitigating factors that can affect your final assignment.

  • There may be scheduling conflicts. Some courses will inevitably occur during the same class period. If that's the case, we'll prioritize the class given the higher preference. 
  • There may be program changes. Although we have not had this happen in the past, there is always a possibility that a course may be canceled if a teacher becomes unavailable or significant changes to the program need to be made.

We hope this has given a little transparency to our process!  Are you still wondering about a particular question? Please email us at or schedule a call with our office.

Students on an evening field trip to the lower fields
Students on an evening field trip studying Deerfield's topography 
before designing buildings in Architecture class.

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