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The Exp Summer Daily

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Jul 10, 2019 11:11:36 AM

Water bottles have been labelled, fans have been turned on, and first-day outfits have been picked out: now the Experimentory can begin in earnest! Today, students had their very first day of class, where they designed and pressed buttons, played acting games, and studied the lyrics of famous 80s pop hints (hint: A-ha). What did they do outside of class, you might ask?

What does DFG stand for?

In the early years of the Experimentory, DFG stood for Dorm, Field, Greer (the student café). Those were the three places students were allowed to be between classes. But today, with many more Experimentors, we had students in many locations: the Library, the Arts Center, the field, the gym, and more! In every location, our tireless activities assistants lead the students in their chosen activities and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Why do students have DFG?

Our days are packed back to front, and we hit the ground running on the very first day. Experimentors have two hours and fifteen minutes of class in the morning and another two hours and fifteen minutes in the afternoon (Take a look at two of today’s classes).

DFG occurs between the first, 70-minute block and second, 45-minute block of class time. Students have DFG twice every day—once in the morning, and again in the afternoon. It’s a chance for students to rejuvenate between bouts of mental exertion and to enjoy the gorgeous Deerfield weather.

What do students do during DFG?

This morning, Jada took almost 30 Experimentors to the gym to play basketball. Meanwhile, Young led a pickup soccer game on the quad. In the afternoon, Brigid brought students to the Library to browse Deerfield’s impressive collection of books (currently undergoing an ambitious re-shelving), read, and play board games, while other students headed back to the dorm to change, take a breather, or finish unpacking.

Also in the afternoon DFG, Young, Geraud, and Jackson brought more eager basketball players back to the gym for another hour of shooting hoops. Watch Aiden F., Blaine M., Geraud (x2), and Young all make baskets below:


Every day, students will switch it up and try out new things. DFG is a great opportunity to let loose and expend some energy, and also a great way to meet some new friends as the program gets on its way.

Keep an eye out for our blog tomorrow, when Shawn will pay a visit to Architecture class.

Ben Grimm

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