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The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

Taking Home Session 1

Jul 24, 2018 3:57:12 PM

It is our earnest hope that the Experimentory is not just a summer program, but rather something longer-lasting. Perhaps their visual literacy will be sharper from Comics and Film, or they'll have a new passion for squash from co-curriculars, or they'll see their own leadership potential for the first time. And we definitely hope they'll have formed lasting friendships with other curious and creative kids. 

Our media work is one way we encourage a lasting experience. Pictures and videos of student projects, presentations, and our time together are reminders of what they've learned and encouragement to keep in touch. 

On that note, we are pleased to announce that Session 1 materials are up and available on our Flickr and YouTube accounts! Here's what we have to offer:

  • The Experimentory 2018 Collection organizes all of this year's photos into Session 1, Midpoint Weekend (the weekend between sessions with only four week students), and Session 2.
  • Our YouTube Channel, we have several playlists featuring our Session 1 Showcase.
    • Ethics students held open discussions of some complex case studies. We recorded many samples of those discussions.
    • French Culture, Comics and Film students enjoyed the world premiere and the first printing of their final films and comic books, respectively. Our YouTube page includes these final projects as well as their Lumiere Films and their Perfect Shot projects.
      • Digital copies of their final comic books are also available here:
    • Sustainability class presented their hydroponic systems in an open science fair. Our apologies that not all students were recorded and the sound quality is rather poor. 
    • Urban Design students presented their vision of a redesigned Boston in pairs.
  • In addition, we also have videos from last week's talent show in a playlist of their own.

We hope that our friends and family are able to enjoy these pieces at home, though doubtless not as much as we enjoyed them in person. There will also be copies of our Urban Design flyovers and other smaller tidbits added in the days to come, so check back in on our media channels for more.

And special thanks to Athalie and Stephanie who joined Ian and Tim to document the Showcase last week!


The Exp Summer Daily provides news and updates while we are in session in July and August. The rest of the year, check out the Experimentory Blog for posts feature our students, teachers, classes, values, goals, and plans for the coming year.