The Exp Summer Daily

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The Experimentory Blog

Our year-round blog describes our program, values, and plans for next year.

The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

The Final Countdown

Curtain Up, Light the Lights

Assistants at the Helm

Guest Post: Annabelle on Speak for the Trees

Weekend Round-up: Alleys and Quarries and Parks—Oh My!

A Day in the Life: Tasman

Big Changes, Big Trees, Big History

Guest Post: Mr. Brown on Leadership

All Work(shops), All Play

Lights Up for Dress Rehearsal

Odes to Biscuits and Buttonwoods

Finding Your Voice in Public Speaking

Something New: Student Publications

Weekend Roundup – Week 1

A Look Inside the iLab

Putting a New Spin on Tennis

Back to the Drawing Board


"The Best 4 Weeks of My Life"

Page and Screen: A visit to comics and film

Grand Designs: Principles of Urban Design

Marshmallows and Pasta: Session 2 Engineering Night

Sitting in on a Sit Down

Transition Weekend: New Friends

Transition Weekend: Down the Deerfield

Taking Home Session 1

Double-Feature: Sustainable Growing and Urban Design

Polineering Pineapples!

Weekend 1: Escape Rooms, High Ropes, and Deerfield Day

Ethics on the Run

Striking Balance

The Lumiere Projects

Starting Right

Opening Day!

Creativity and Character to the Max

We Are Here: Deerfield Academy Campus

We are the Experimentory, 2018

The Final Days

Day 24: Witnessing the Growth of Our Students

Day 23: Where I'm From

Day 22: Reflecting at the Final All-X Meeting

Day 21: Shipping Off to Boston

Day 20: Playing and Picnicking in the Park

Day 19: Color Wars

Day 18: Learning by Doing (and Redoing)

Day 17: Starting Final Projects with One Week Left

Day 16: Mise En Scène

Day 15: Inspiration and Wonder on Deerfield Day

Day 14: Weekend Round Up

Day 13: Local Roots

Day 12: Sewing Together New Skills in Puppet Making

Day 11: Up the River (Without a Dictionary)

Day 10: Music + Film, Hitting the Right Note

Interlude: The MC Squared

Day 9: (LED) Lights, Camera, Action!

Day 8: Making Friends, Building Community

Day 7: Balancing Silly and Studious

Day 6: Theater + Electronics, Super Charged Energy

Day 5: Architecture + Culture, Where the Buildings Tell Stories

Day 4: Rain or Shine, On or Off the Ground

Day 3: Creativity and Character in Action

Day 2: Puzzling It Over

Day 1: Students from Here, There, and Everywhere!

Get Ready, Get Set...: Why We're Here

Get Ready, Get Set...: Where We Are

Get Ready, Get Set: Who We Are

Day 28 and Beyond – Taking Home Memories and Lessons

Day 27 – Ending Very Well – The Showcase

Day 26 – Ending Well (Architecture and Culture)

Day 25 – Ending Well (Music and Film)

Day 24 – Aspiring to Leadership, Finding Peace

Day 23 – The Co-Curricular Olympics!

Day 22 – Dance-Dance-Dance

Day 21 – A Boston Story Smorgasbord

Day 20 – Dramatic and Chromatic Interpretation

Day 19 – A (Wonderfully) Ordinary Afternoon

Day 18 – Fantasy Sport

Day 17 – Friends on the Trail

Day 16 – Film Debut

Day 15 – Keeping it Local

Day 14 – Talents on Display

Day 13 – An Appetite for Learning

Day 12 – Not Just a Place to Sleep

Day 11 – (Not Quite) Gently Down the Stream

Day 10 – A Visit to Theater and Electronics

Day 9 - A Communication Foundation

Day 8 – Let the Games Begin…

Day 7 – Beating the Heat at Six Flags

Day 6 – From Noise to Music

Day 5 – Class Trip and Marble Contraption

Day 4 - Learning the Ropes

Day 3 - Innovation within Tradition

Day 2 - Dirty Palms and Green Thumbs

Day 1 - Goodbye, Hello

Pre-Program Post 4: Becoming a Team

Pre-Program Post 3 - Focus Point

Pre-Program Post 2 - Coming Soon...

Pre-Program Post 1: Experimentory in the Making

The Exp Summer Daily provides news and updates while we are in session in July and August. The rest of the year, check out the Experimentory Blog for posts feature our students, teachers, classes, values, goals, and plans for the coming year.