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The Exp Summer Daily

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All Work(shops), All Play

Jul 23, 2019 9:16:58 PM

The Experimentory feels a bit different in the days between the departure of our Session I students and the arrival of our Session II students. In that time, the 40(ish) 4-week students on campus find that things are much quieter than usual – the dining hall has more free seats, the dorm bathrooms are less crowded in the morning, and more time is spent outside the classroom. Even the recent change in weather has made things feel different around here; the cooler temperatures are a welcome change of pace, but the constant rain is a little less accommodating. As such, we like to take a break from our regular programming to keep things new and exciting for everyone. On Monday, this took the form of Workshop Day, in which normal class time was replaced with a series of 15 workshops led by Experimentory faculty and assistants. The workshops were designed from each leader’s area of expertise, so it was a great opportunity for students to learn about the staff’s passions outside of their usual classroom topics.

Here’s a sampling of the day’s offerings:

  • Put the Field in Track & Field with Mr. Pitcher (history teacher)
  • Yoga with Stephanie (teaching assistant)
  • Intro to German with Annabelle (teaching assistant)
  • Promoting Rights Through Protest Buttons with HG (makerspace teacher)
  • Deconstructing Pop Music with Ricardo (teaching assistant)
  • Basketball with Mr. Payne (architecture teacher)
  • What Makes Us Human? With Gabby (teaching assistant)
  • Improvisation Lab with Mrs. Hynds (drama teacher)

The workshops provided a chance for everyone to gain some inspiration before beginning Session II. Later on, 4-week students discussed how to best channel their leadership skills to welcome the new group of 2-weekers. For this session, we are introducing a program based on the Green Key model at Deerfield. The Green Key program pairs incoming students with upperclassmen who make the transition to Deerfield as easy as possible by showing them around for the first few weeks and being reliable friends. Our “upperclassmen” (that is, our 4-weekers) wrote letters to their assigned students that will be waiting for them upon arrival.

Although it’s been refreshing to have a bit of a break between sessions, we are all really looking forward to welcoming a new group and starting back up with classes. Experimentors new and old, get ready for the best 2 weeks of your summer!

EXP19-8585 EXP19-9146

HG teaches students how to design their own protest pins.

Mrs. Hynds leads an improvisation workshop in
the Acting Lab.

EXP19-9125 EXP19-9167

Teaching Assistant Ricardo analyzed pop music
in his workshop.

Martha’s poetry workshop read famous poems before writing their own.

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