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Back to the Drawing Board

Jul 11, 2019 10:18:27 AM

Although Boyden Library is fairly quiet during the summer, it plays a central role at the Experimentory. Some of our courses meet in the basement level, students meet with librarians to check out books, and you'll always find a chess game or two happening during DFG. So, what better way to honor our beloved library than to study it as an architectural masterpiece?

This summer, Mr. Payne’s “Functional Art: Architectural Sketching and Design” is taking full advantage of Deerfield Academy’s architectural resources and introducing students to a new discipline that combines the artistic with the scientific. That’s exactly what drew Experimentors like Jonathan E. to the class; Jonathan, who had never studied architecture before the Experimentory, chose the class on a whim—“In all honesty, I signed up for the class because I thought it would involve building models, but now I know that there’s a whole lot more than that to architecture. It’s been a great opportunity to learn to draw as well as learn about design in general.”


Jonathan E. works on his sketch of Boyden Library’s reading room.


In just two days, Mr. Payne’s students have already approached the subject from a number of different angles. The first day involved ranking a number of buildings from most appealing to least appealing, followed by a discussion about the elements which affect how we might perceive buildings. From there, the class moved on to one-point perspective, a key component to the sketches of any architect. Students were challenged to use these skills in sketching three different areas of Boyden Library’s interior.

We applaud these Experimentors for trying out an exciting new subject, and we look forward to the new buildings they will design for DA’s campus one day!

Shawn Simmons

IMG_7745 IMG_7738

Mr. Payne explains one-point perspective while Marcus D. works on his sketch.

Caitlyn, Oliver, and Ginny show me
their completed sketches.

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