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Day 1 - Goodbye, Hello

Jul 10, 2016 10:00:00 PM

Registration and Welcome Day, is an epic day of meeting, moving, touring and bidding farewell to families. In the Experimentory Blog entry for Day 1, Program Proctor Jan Menafee provides a comprehensive overview of the day: essential for those that couldn’t make the trip to campus and even helpful for those of us whose heads are still spinning from such a full day.

Experimentory SWAG Bags waiting for their students to arrive!Welcome Experimentors!!!

Families arrived on campus today to bring their students to The Experimentory 2016 summer program. New Experimentors received a bag of gear, new room, and sense of the campus upon arrival.

The tours, led by proctors Kento Yamamoto and Jan Menafee (me), visited each of the main locations on Deerfield Academy’s campus that The Experimentory will be using for the next four weeks. At their stop in the library, the tour groups met Ms. Sherburne – Architecture and Culture teacher, Ms. Speed and Ms. Jimenez –Mr. Peisch, our Music Teacher, greets parents on Registration Day.Theater and Electronics teachers, and Mr. Correa and Mr. Peisch – Music and Film teachers, who guided the students through an interesting activity in their respective classrooms. At the Theater and Electronics station, students met Philipe, Ms. Jimenez’s robot. Then one student would guide him through a maze with the help of the rest of the group.

After our cookout dinner of burgers and hot dogs in the Dining Hall, students said goodbye to their parents and moved to the gym for get-to-know-you games! We played “Animals” and “Red Shoes”, and the proctors noticed how well the kids opened up over the course of our activities. Before heading to the dormitory Johnson-Doubleday, all of the students met each faculty member.

Middle School students from all over the world on the brink of becoming good friends

While in the dorm, proctors led the students through the dorm rules and expectations, answered questions, and then let the students unwind and socialize before a final floor meeting and lights out at 10PM.

Today was certainly busy, but I’d say it was a great start to The Experimentory 2016. Let’s go!

– Jan M.

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