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Day 1: Students from Here, There, and Everywhere!

Jul 10, 2017 9:47:11 AM

Wow, what a day! Starting at 6am this morning with Ms I and Ms T's trip to JFK Airport to pick up some Experimentors and ending with "lights out" at 10pm tonight, we've had so much fun welcoming this year's Experimentory students! Many of our students traveled via airplane to get to The Experimentory, and media proctor Abby Shepherd shares some of their stories. 

What a Day at JFK!

Ms I and Ms T left Deerfield bright and early for their three hour journey to JFK Airport in New York City to pick up Vincent C, Peter L, William Y, Maddalena H, Ethan C, and Kevin C! Vincent C's flight got in at 5am, but he waited patiently at his terminal and Ms I and Ms T loved chatting with him while they waited for the rest of the group. Soon after, Ms I, Ms T, and Vincent C met up with Peter L, William Y, and Maddalena H. Peter and William came from China, and Maddalena is a New Yorker. According to Ms T, the group became fast friends and found "the only patch of grass at JFK" on which to play Tag, Ninja, and games they made up on the spot! Not only were the students maximizing their creativity with their games, they also maximized their character by waiting patiently for Kevin C's flight from Beijing, which was delayed three and a half hours. Ethan C stood at the terminal watching the screen to make sure the group knew when they would meet their new friend, Kevin! Despite his delayed flight, Kevin was all smiles when they picked him up. Ms I, Ms T, Vincent C, Peter L, William Y, Maddalena H, Ethan C, and Kevin C hit the road back to Deerfield, making sure to grab some sandwiches on their route. What a way to start a great four weeks!  

Stefanie K, Justin W, and Will N played games, did crafts, and read with Ms. Stoll and Ms. Corcoran while waiting for the last of the Logan Airport crew to arrive Boston.

Meanwhile, back at Deerfield Academy...

Now that all of our students, from near and far, are heading to bed, I can successfully say that registration was a success! It's so wonderful to see all of these great kids get to know their peers and Deerfield itself, and I can't wait to see the creativity and character that they will bring.

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