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Day 14 – Talents on Display

Jul 23, 2016 10:55:00 PM

Our students are overflowing with talent. Some of these talents come out in their classwork and co-curriculars, but many do not and those are just too good to pass up without enjoying. For that reason, our Experimentory Talent Show has been a highlight of our program two years running. Proctor Kento Yamamoto shares some of his favorite parts of this year’s show.

Experimentory classes are fascinating, but taking a day off isn’t a bad idea either. This Saturday we had “Deerfield Day” which included hiking up to The Rock, walking to Richardson’s Candy Kitchen, climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, visiting the Yankee Candle Store, and more. (Marisa will talk about these more in-depth in her Day 15 blog post – stay tuned.)

But for me, the frosting on the cake was the Experimentory Talent Show on Saturday evening. I had gone into the Concert Hall thinking that the show would be primarily musical acts since that is often the case at DA’s once-a-term talent showcases. But I was wrong! William was our Hula-Hooping Rubik’s cube wizard, Cami was a rap-contortionist, Tysean drew a picture of Max, and several Experimentors shared told cheesy jokes. Of course, we had musical geniuses who performed a wide genre of music – classical, rock, hip-hop, indie, and even some electronic music.

There were three acts that blew my mind in particular. William – my competitor in Rubik’s Cube speed-solving earlier in the week – solved his Rubik’s Cube yet again, only this time while hula-hooping. Cami rapped Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” while bending and manipulating her body in ways that only the brave would dare.





I enjoyed these two acts because they had combined two talents that were totally unrelated into one beautiful piece of art. This totally fits with the Experimentory’s interdisciplinary educational environment. After thinking of ways to combine subjects such as theater and electronics, it only seems right to do so in the talent show as well.

The third act that had surprised me was the last act of the night: a band! Around eight students took to the stage and performed Vance Joy’s “Riptide.” The band included a piano, an acoustic guitar, vocalists, and percussion instruments including drums, rhythm sticks and tambourines.

Scott and the Band’s rendition of “Riptide.”


Their execution of the song was as good as some of the performances that I have seen by Deerfield students – it was unbelievable. Amber, Anne and Aerin harmonized beautifully on their vocals; Scott and Sami were hitting each others’ rhythm sticks on beat; Amethyst and Amelia played piano and guitar with such ease it seemed casual; and Max killed it on the drums. What was the most surprising to me was the level of execution they had achieved given that they only had two or three opportunities to practice with each other before the show. It was amazing – the best and only way to end the show and a great day.

– Kento Y

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