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Day 15 – Keeping it Local

Jul 24, 2016 10:30:00 PM

Let’s face it: with a ropes course, a trip to Six Flags, and a day of whitewater rafting, the first two weeks of the Experimentory are fun but rather relentlessly busy. By our second weekend, the time had come for something a little slower, a little more relaxed, a little more local. In our Day 15 post, Proctor Marisa Ferrari shares some of what we did on our Deerfield Days.

Officially halfway through the Experimentory program, the students were able to experience

Experimentory middle school students and staff pose overlooking Deerfield and the Pioneer Valley.
 “The Rock”

all that Deerfield MA has to offer this past weekend. The day began when all of us left DA on foot at 9 AM Saturday morning to hike “The Rock.” It was no joke! The sun was beating on our long journey up, but there is no denying that the view at the top was worth every step. Tired, but feeling accomplished, the students took in the scene of the beautiful Deerfield valley.

We spent the rest of our Saturday exploring Deerfield making smaller trips in smaller groups to various local spots. This included hiking mountains, visiting Yankee Candle, and of course, treating ourselves to some irresistible chocolates from Richardson’s Candy Kitchen.

An Experimentory Proctor poses with three eighth grade girls at the top of Mt. Sugarloaf.
Sami D, Alex F, and Avery pose with Marisa on the top of Sugarloaf.

For me and the students in my afternoon group, the views only got better. Proctor Sam, Mr. Schaffer and Mr. Kelly took a group of students to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain in South Deerfield and wow…I cannot believe we all managed to make it to the top! We huffed and puffed up the extremely steep mountain side and encouraged each other that the view would be worth it. Well, it absolutely was. It was surreal being able to stand so tall and see the endless mountains, rivers and valleys of Western Massachusetts. Since The Rock and Sugarloaf made two mountains in one day, we decided we earned a delicious ice cream treat at 5J Creamy!

Experimentory students stand out - in this case because of their bright shirts on the volleyball court.
Jonathan, Ava, Scott, Serena, Anne, Sami D., Max, Sami A., Abram and Reshma challenge boys vs. girls in a volleyball tournament at Look Park.


A group of Experimentory girls play frisbee after our picnic.
Students Cami, Lucia, Coryell, Jennifer and Rachel enjoy a five way Frisbee toss at Look Park. They spiced it up by tossing three Frisbees between them!
When you're at a New England Summer Program, you need to know how to cool off.
Xander, Aidan, Lucy, Noah, Cami, Amber, Bella, Aerin and Natasha were thankful for the opportunity to cool off in the sprinkler park.

Sunday was another fun day in the sun with a picnic at Look Park in Northampton. However, this was not any ordinary park. Sure there were the usual swings, jungle gyms, volley ball and basketball courts, and fields to play in, but the kids also had many other unique activities to keep themselves busy. Before lunch, the kids challenged each other in spike ball, Frisbee, and football games before fueling up with burgers and hot dogs from the grill. Then it was off to the races playing miniature golf, taking a train ride around the park through a mini zoo, riding paddle boats in a pond, and cooling off in the sprinkler park. Through all the activities, an afternoon ice cream break was a must before the competitions continued in some proctor vs camper basketball, beach volleyball, and Frisbee games.

Each day at the Experimentory, new friendships are being made and bonds are strengthened as students interact in various environments and activities.

-- Marisa F

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