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Day 17: Starting Final Projects with One Week Left

Jul 28, 2017 10:45:39 PM

Less than a week remains until our students get to share all the knowledge they've gathered this summer at our final showcase! Students are starting their final projects, which means there’s a lot of brainstorming happening in the library and all over campus. Jack and Alexandra told media proctor Abby Shepherd all about the beginnings of their projects in their respective clusters.

In Architecture + Culture, students, including Jack, are making an urban building inspired by buildings they saw on the Boston trip. The building will be multipurpose, with a restaurant on the bottom floor and apartments or other shops above. Gathering inspiration is easy for Jack while brainstorming his project. Jack lives in New York City, so he’s used to seeing and being inside multipurpose buildings. His family’s home has two or three stores right on the avenue and the rest is residential. Jack and his partner, Megan, are creating this building on SketchUp. Jack told me that they “work off of each other” when brainstorming their design.

Jack and Megan make the first sketches for the Architecture + Culture project.


In Music + Film, Alexandra is finding inspiration through outside sources. “Sometimes I can’t think so I actually get inspired by things like using books I’ve read,” she told me, “In the second project, we had to listen to two types of music and get inspired to create our film from last week.” The students are currently analyzing pictures in Music + Film. “Mr. Correa and Mr. Peisch told us that in order to make music and film, you want to observe the setting of a still image,” she said. At the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, they viewed artwork and then had to determine the story of the image, such as the relationship between the people and the emotion. In the film portion of the cluster, they create outlines called “story mountains” to plan out their films. Alexandra told me the class is drawing the story mountain to plot the rising and falling of action in a plot. They haven’t started their final projects just yet, but Alexandra is excited to see what’s next.

Alexandra composes music on her iPad using GarageBand.

Jack and Alexandra are in the same group in Theatre + Electronics. They just finished writing the script. “We could create a brand new story or follow up with an existing prompt,” Alexandra told me. Their group chose a prompt but switched it around. In the original story, the teenage boy character is a genius. In their script, the parents are geniuses. Jack told me that the general idea is that “a boy asks a girl on a date, but the boy’s parents don’t approve so they try to sabotage the date.” The parents’ sabotaging antics are designed by an Arduino. Jack is the boy in the play, and Alexandra has a smaller part. She’s handling more of the project's electronics-related components. Alexandra is programming the Arduino to flip a cup of water, for example.

Time is flying by in the clusters (and the program as a whole), and we are so excited to see the final creations in the Showcase next week!

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