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Day 19 – A (Wonderfully) Ordinary Afternoon

Jul 28, 2016 11:59:00 PM

The Experimentory is long enough that, by the end of Week Three, we can enjoy all the benefits of having a comfortable routine. Proctor Jason Bravo took advantage of such a day last week to write a post about the kids’ daily free time – aka DFG. As an added bonus, he also spoke with seven Experimentors about their anticipated final Theater + Electronics projects.

It was a typical day for the kids. They attended their morning and afternoon clusters, and now had DFG time. During DFG they have the option to go to the Dorm (to rest or hang out), the Field (to play games or sports), or the Greer/Gym, where they can get a snack, talk to their friends, or play indoor sports. Today, I decided to follow them during their DFG time to see how they went about experimenting with fun.

Two seventh graders confer over Rubiks Cube strategy
William giving Gerald pointers.

For my first stop, I went to the Greer. At one of the tables, I saw William teaching Avery how to solve a Rubik’s cube which has become quite the rage at the Experimentory this year. William was a patient teacher and Avery a very responsive student. At a different table, Alex F. and Amelia were talking to each other. As I walked over, they welcomed and greeted me.

Because of the intense heat, the kids looking to play games were in the gym instead of the field. There their options were basketball or badminton. After taking some pictures of them playing both sports, I had to get involved. I went up against Spencer and Shawn in badminton. I’ve personally never played badminton so going up against these kids was not easy, but we all had fun!

These four spent their free time playing badminton in the Deerfield Academy gym.
Aidan, Cami, Marisa, and Coryell playing Badminton during DFG.

The badminton fun didn’t end with DFG. Kento and I are running the basketball and badminton co-curricular in the afternoon. Never ones to just sit around, Kento and I once again went up against these kids. I have to admit that Abram, Tysean, Gerald and Max made huge contributions to their basketball teams. And, as competitive as they are, they were also great at making sure that everyone on their teams were having fun and doing well.

As well as having fun in DFG and co-curriculars, Tysean, Amelia, Shawn, Amethyst, Gerald, Jennifer and Brandon told me all about the fun they were having in their Theater and Electronics cluster. As a bonus, here’s what they had to say about that.

Visit our page for the full interviews of all seven students.


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