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Day 19: Color Wars

Jul 31, 2017 1:23:55 PM

This past Saturday, proctor Katie Samiljan organized an all-day Color Wars event. Team Orange, representing character, and Team Green, representing creativity, competed against each other in a series of challenges. The spirit of sportsmanship carried the day, and the activities revealed each team's true colors as friends and fellow Experimentors. Media Manager Kayla Corcoran writes below with the details.

“Do you wanna know a secret about how to cheer better?” asked Sam.

Following the Experimentory-wide dodgeball game that kicked off the Color Wars, Maddalena had suggested that Team Orange had done a pretty good job cheering, but that they should all remember to cheer consistently and loudly and not just for their own team.

All the students nodded at Sam. “Okay,” he said, “here’s the secret.” And then he paused. “What?!” all the students exclaimed. “There it is!” he replied. “Everyone said ‘what!’ together, at a normal volume.” The students did so. “I can be cheering my head off by myself, but I’m not going to be able to drown out Team Green if everyone is cheering in unison at even a normal volume. The trick is that everyone says the same thing at the same time. When we cheer together, we’ll always be louder than any one person can be alone.” “Now,” he said to demonstrate his point, “all the girls say ‘what!’ together.” They obliged, and then the boys followed. “Okay,” Sam said enthusiastically, “now everyone, together!”

“WHAT!” Team Orange yelled.

Team Orange captain Charlotte leads by example, cheering positively for both teams in the final game of dodgeball. "Let's go!" she yelled, "We are creative! We have character!"

“It was such a good idea to do the Color Wars,” Justin told me later. “Katie did such a great job organizing it because we all became closer and not just to people on our own teams.” Blossom agreed, telling me about how both teams cheered for the other. One of the places where this community spirit was evident was on Team Green’s plaque. Each team was responsible for designating a smaller group of students to design a banner that represented character for Team Orange and creativity for Team Green. “Our banner represented both teams,” reported Blossom, who was on Team Green. “We tried to incorporate both colors and celebrate everyone.”
That spirit of team unity was present throughout the whole day of the Color Wars, during which half of the students were assigned to Team Orange and the other half to Team Green. Each team had proctor captains and student captains who helped organize and rally their teams to cheer.

IMG_0803.jpg IMG_0862.jpg
Team Orange and Team Green work on their team plaques, which represented character and creativity, respectively. 


Points during the Color Wars were awarded for winning events, like dodgeball and the multiple-event relay race (which, by the way, included whistling after eating saltine crackers; hopping like a bunny; trying to hit a traffic cone with a frisbee; and skipping quickly). But at any time, the Big Cheese (played by Mr. Thrasher, who could interrupt the games at anytime with rules of his own) and the proctors could award points for sportsmanship and good teamwork. “One of the best rules Mr. Thrasher - I mean the ‘Big Cheese’ - made up was that you could win points for cheering for the other team,” Blossom told me.

Justin, who participated in the frisbee toss during the relay race, said one of his favorite moments was cheering everyone on during the dodgeball game. The cheers during the dodgeball game were worthy of their own notice: Sam led his group in some hilarious let’s-pretend-we’re-on-a-roller-coaster cheer; Ms. Stoll and Ms. Terrell dressed diplomatically in both green and orange, had painted their faces and ran around on the sidelines pumping up the energy.

Sam leads his group in some wild cheers as Tiffany and Vincent hang on to a tight orange victory during the dodgeball game.


After a long day of races, games, cheers, spelling bees, and singing, we all celebrated together with ice cream sundaes. Team Green had won the day, and Tysean was awarded the character award for his excellent sportsmanship. And, we know it’s cheesy, but we’re still going to say that at the end of the day, everyone was a winner. “The energy during the whole day was high,” said Justin. “We became stronger as a group and had a lot of fun in the process.” Now, that’s a victory we can get behind.

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