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Day 2 - Dirty Palms and Green Thumbs

Jul 11, 2016 10:56:00 PM

Monday was our first day of Experimentory Programming: Breakfast, Course Cluster 1, Sit-Down Lunch, Course Cluster 2, DFG (Free time) and finally Co-Curriculars. Everyone started off on the right foot: kids seemed to have a blast starting projects and learned some new pastimes during Co-Curric’s. Today, Experimentory Proctor Jason Bravo reports in about the first day of the Greenhouse Co-Curricular.

Students receive instruction from Katie, Deerfield's greenhouse gardenerThe Experimentors have successfully completed their first full day! We tried all sorts of new things following a packed schedule. However, in my mind, the best part of the day was co-curriculars. The kids had the choice to participate in one of four co-curriculars led by the proctors that last for one week. The four co-curriculars offered this week are tennis, dance, acting/improvisation and gardening. As for me, I was in charge of leading my small group to the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is located very close to our dorms (Johnson and Doubleday) so the short 

Students digging the outside flower beds

walk there and back meant we had more time to spend taking care of the plants and smelling their diverse aromas. Katie, who is in charge of overseeing the greenhouse year-round, warmly welcomed us and showed us all of the vegetables and different plants currently growing. After that tour of the plants, Katie put our Experimentors to work. With gloves on and shovels in hand, the kids filled wheelbarrows with dirt and then used their hands to spread the dirt around a bunch of different plants. They all got dirty – which Katie loves. “It’s important for kids to make the connection between growing their food and then enjoying its freshness as well as its rich nutritious content.”

The kids definitely enjoyed the ‘rich nutritious content’ of some vegetables when they tried a couple of different tomatoes and even got to taste some edible flowers. Knowing I’d be writing this post, I was taking pictures of the kids working hard and sweating. Avery’s reaction: “I am not the most photogenic right now.” I could only smile at Avery, who I could Co-curricular activities that leave your hands stained brownsee was putting in a lot of work in the greenhouse.

At the end of the co-curricular period, it was satisfying to see that everyone had gotten their hands dirty together as a team and that they were able to see Katie’s food-meal connection at dinner.

Even though I’ve only known these kids for day or two, they continue to impress me with their independence and maturity, which will only develop more as the days go by. For now, we are all happy to see the friendships the kids are forming and the constant smiles on their faces!

-- Jason B.

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