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Day 26 – Ending Well (Architecture and Culture)

Aug 4, 2016 10:15:00 PM

The day before our final showcase, Proctor Ryan Collins visited our Architecture and Culture classes for a foretaste of the students’ final projects. Here’s what he found.

As the end of the program drew closer, I saw a mix of excitement and nerves in Architecture and Culture during Cluster 1. The students were doing research for their final projects in small groups.  Each small group had picked a country and studied its culture, with a focus on its prevalent food and architecture.

Lucy gives an overview of the project.

For the Architecture element, the students designed a multi-purpose building that included a sustainable restaurant. For example, Cami, Allan, and Daniel’s group (who were studying the Dominican Republic) decided on a restaurant/shopping area within a shared space. Other groups combined the restaurants with living spaces. Not only were these ideas creative, but also realistic.

Then there was the culinary aspect of the presentation. Rather than just talking about the cultural foods they would serve in their restaurant, they were able to engage in some real hands-on cooking.

Jonathan and Reshma describe their project.

Students add architectural drawings and cultural information to their presentation boards.I visited the presentations themselves on our showcase day. It was a learning experience for me watching them team up to make different meals from all over the world. The presentations went very well.  The students spoke with conviction after having spent so much time with their research and familiarizing themselves with their country’s culture. But, in my mind, the best part of this project was seeing young students thinking about sustainably in ways that can be applied in their daily lives. These are concepts which will undoubtedly be a large part of their future.

– Ryan C.

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