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Day 27 – Ending Very Well – The Showcase

Aug 5, 2016 11:17:00 PM

Our last full day on campus is, as many of our students say, legendary. It’s an achievement, a culmination, and a celebration all wrapped into one – something for students to share and cherish with their newly formed friends, our team of teachers and staff, and family members visiting campus or cheering from afar. In today’s post, Proctor Sam Morse gives us an overview to accompany some work we’re proud to share.

The past four weeks together have flown by. It is hard to believe today was our last day together – but our final showcase was a fantastic way to end. These past few weeks have presented our Experimentors with creative, academic, and social challenges; today’s presentations displayed much of our students’ hard work at conquering those challenges. Here’s an overview for those of you who were unable to come in person.

We started with a brief reception in the library that welcomed parents, family, and friends. Immediately following, the visitors were sent into various directions across campus. Between clusters, we enjoyed refreshments and student music performances.

Amelia's music performance.

The Architecture + Culture clusters held their final presentations in the Parker Room – a small kitchen/dining space below the main Dining Hall. There the kids prepared an assortment of dishes from around the world. As a part of their presentations they designed a multi-purpose building that included a restaurant, produced a menu, and discussed the ways in which there creations would fit into a culture they had chosen. Smiles filled the room as the dishes were shared with guests.

This YouTube Channel will play all ten presentations back-to-back. To see individual videos, visit our YouTube channel.

The Music + Film clusters held their final presentations in audio-visual editing labs on the first floor of the library. This space was ideal for the screening of the student’s final projects. The students composed their own music and paired it with short films to tell a complete story. I was amazed by the creativity of each movie.

This YouTube Channel will play all six student films back-to-back. To see individual videos, visit our YouTube channel.

The Theatre + Electronics cluster presented in the Black Box theater. The students combined their acting abilities with their technological skills. Over the course of the program, the students learned how to code and engineer robots, lights, and props. Their final presentations combined their technical knowledge with their acting capabilities. The mix of theatre and technology was impressive.

Cluster 1 Presentations - visit our YouTube Channel for individual videos.


Cluster 2 Presentations - visit our YouTube Channel for individual videos.

Congratulations to everyone on a strong end to a great summer!

– Sam M.

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