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Day 28 and Beyond – Taking Home Memories and Lessons

Aug 6, 2016 10:15:00 PM

The Experimentory’s final night included a bonfire, a marshmallow roast, and tag in the dark with glow sticks; but it also included heavy hearts, long hugs, and some tears. But tearful goodbyes are a small price to pay for the abundant goodness of close friends and fun times. Proctors Sam Morse and Valentina Connell team up in our last Experimentory 2016 post to share some favorite memories from our students and goodbye advice from our staff.

As the week has drawn to a close I asked a few students to reminisce on their favorite moments at the Experimentory this summer. Below are a few of the responses I got:

Paddle in hand, Ava is ready for rafting.Ava: “I have two: I loved dancing on the dinner cruise in Boston and I also enjoyed the challenges I conquered at the ropes course!”

Tysean, a seventh grader from NYCTysean: “It was not one moment that stood out to me, instead, it was the devotion of the proctors and students. Their constant enthusiasm, energy, and passion motivated me and allowed me to grow as a student and person.”

Lucia, an eighth grader from New OrleansLucia: “My favorite part of the Experimentory was when we went whitewater rafting. I was terrified at first that I would fall out of the raft, but after surviving the rapids I felt very accomplished and proud of myself!”

Joshua, an international student from ChinaJoshua: “Although there were many special moments for me throughout the program, one that stood out to me was the dinner cruise because it was an activity where we could socialize as well as enjoy ourselves and our staff members.”

Amelia, a very musical international student Amelia: “The first day of the Experimentory was actually my favorite day. Hard to believe I know, but I was impressed with the other kids, the creativity, the energy, and the supportive environment I was about to become apart of.”

Sami, an international student from Saudi ArabiaSami A: “My favorite component of the Experimentory was the sit down meals! I appreciate how this setting allowed me to interact with other students and faculty members that I may not have crossed paths with otherwise.”

Tasha, an international student from Hong KongTasha: “Although this moment was extremely bittersweet for me, I really enjoyed last night’s organizational meeting. I began to realize the uniqueness of this place and the strength of the relationships I have formed. I never imagined forming friendships so quickly!”

Max, an eighth grader from CaliforniaMax: “I loved being a part of the band because it was a project I piloted with a group of friends. I enjoyed collaborating with a group of fellow students in a relaxed setting!”

Sami, an eighth grader from MississippiSami D: “Every single part of this program was amazing. But If I had to chose one it would be the friendships I have made with people from all around the world and the realization that they will last a life time!”

Brandon, an international student from ChinaBrandon: “My favorite moment was solving the Rubik cube! With the guidance of Kento, I quickly learned many different algorithms and formulas to solve the Cube in new ways. Before I came here I had no idea how to solve one! Now that I know the skill I have been able to teach others”

Cami, a second year student from New York CityCami: “I enjoyed all the moments I was forced to work with others because it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and adapt to the situation. I enjoy challenges and this program definitely pushed me to be the best version of me!”

It has been such delight to watch these kids conquer these obstacles while maturing and growing as learners in the process. As Experimentory staff members, we feel so fortunate to work with such passionate, diverse, and intelligent students.

– Sam M



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