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Day 3: Creativity and Character in Action

Jul 12, 2017 12:10:09 PM

While the morning may have been dark and dreary, the students were in great spirits for our first program meeting with all of the students, faculty, and staff! Our meeting, called "All X," takes place weekly, and includes activities and chats designed to maximize our time as a community. Below, media proctor Abby Shepherd gives us the low-down on the meeting.

This week, Mr. Thrasher led the meeting. We started by practicing being silent when it's important to listen during the All X meeting. The students tested the echoing of the concert hall where the meeting took place by making a lot of noise, but when Mr. Thrasher put two fingers in the air, the students mirrored him and all became silent.

Mr. Thrasher loves audience participation, meaning that our proctors and teaching fellows weren't off the hook! When it came time to talk about character (one of the "C"s from our E=MC^2 equation) Katie, Dylan, and Ms I. ran up on stage to help out. They acted out some funny situations displaying their poor character, which the students then corrected. 

IMG_7962.jpgNow that we had practiced developing character, it was time to start on creativity. The students were given a task: pick two unrelated words (cactus fork, business snail, celery pancakes, et cetra) at random from a pile and create a product to advertise. The trick? They had to come up with the product, the description, and the slogan in only two minutes. Each member of the winning team would receive a neon Experimentory frisbee. 

The groups presented their products, each of which were met with applause. Business Snail, whose slogan "Slow and Steady Wins the Race," won over the panel of judges to take first place.  


The clock eventually struck 11:25 AM, and the All X meeting came to a close. Mr. Thrasher met many students with high-fives as well all headed out to lunch. I loved seeing the students developing both their character and their creativity, and I'm so proud to see what they have accomplished even in three short days.

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