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Day 4: Rain or Shine, On or Off the Ground

Jul 13, 2017 3:28:02 PM

Taking forty middle schoolers to a ropes course is no small feat. Taking forty middle schoolers to a ropes course with a sixty percent chance of thunderstorms is a recipe for unpredictability. Luckily, our students know the recipe for success and fun: you've got it, it's creativity + character. Media proctor Abby Shepherd shares some details of the day below:

When asked what he thought when he came down from the high ropes, Derek said: "I'm glad to be back on the ground!" "But," he added with a laugh, "I'm having so much fun." All of our students displayed the same positivity throughout the afternoon, regardless of how they felt about the ropes course. Said Lucy G.: "I may still be afraid of heights, but I've come to accept it. And I did the ropes course today!" 

middle school students on ropes course during summer program teaching creativity and character
 Hold on tight to that tree, Qiheng! A little reassurance from friends was the key to success on this day of personal and team challenges. 


I'm very grateful that the Experimentors were "all in" on the ropes course today, even with the impending weather. Their neon orange Experimentory shirts flashed against the overcast gray skies, bright sneakers dotting the muddy walkways like wildflowers. When thunder started rumbling, we planned to keep going unless there was lightening. 

Thankfully, the sky didn't open up until after a morning of teambuilding exercises in the field, and the real rain came down when we were sheltered by a leafy canopy of trees.

The adventurous spirit of the students was no match for the rain, some of whom were able to climb up the side of trees like monkeys. Others, including myself, were content to spot ropes and hold ladders while watching our friends soar above. 

middle school girl ropes course summer program international students creativity innovation tech united states boarding school  
Maddalena conquers the course while friends guide and cheer her along. Maybe we should think about adding acrobatics for a co-curricular activity!  


Even though the main "goal" was to climb as high as possible before catapulting off the platform, some of the more hesitant students set their own personal goals. No matter how many feet the students made it into the air, their peers cheered them on. 

The staff at the center we visited were wonderful at getting the students to open up to each other. Kids who had gotten to know each other just that day were suddenly climbing high-wires together.

Rain or shine, on or off the ground, the kids were having a lot of fun!


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