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Day 2: Puzzling It Over

Jul 11, 2017 10:19:52 AM

Day Two at the Experimentory begins with a bang! We may still be getting to know each other, but we're already trying to solve problems with creative solutions. Media Manager Kayla Corcoran details a bit about yesterday and how she can't wait to see what puzzles await for our students over the next few weeks. Plus, a quick and dirty guide for how you can stay updated with the Experimentory this summer.

The central table in the library has been littered with puzzle pieces over the last several days: tinges of silver, specks of red, hints of gold, glimpses of blue. A thousand puzzle pieces, to be exact. In our free moments during staff training, we’d wander in, trying to fit a piece here and there into the picture. And today during DFG, some of our students began helping out with this community puzzle, working collaboratively to group the pieces together and fit the rounded edges where they belonged. But despite all of the progress we’ve made over the last week, the puzzle still has some gaping holes in it. This, I think, is the coolest stage of puzzle-making: when the picture is starting to emerge, but there’s still so much thinking and problem-solving and imagining left to do.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.09.34 AM-1.png
What will the puzzle turn out to be? The only thing we can see right now is the "welcome" bit in the corner...perfect for our first days at the Experimentory!

I love words, and I love that "puzzle" is both a noun and a verb. You can do a puzzle, but you can also be puzzled, or puzzle over something! That's how we roll at the Experimentory; we're not just here to be here, we're here to do things. We're here to do puzzles and to puzzle over problems and to find solutions and to create things. Cool things. Fun things. Brave things. Beautiful things. Things we never thought we could do or make. Things we never even imagined.

And on Day Two, you can bet we’re already diving into some of these puzzles. In Architecture + Culture: how do spaces reflect the places to which they belong? In Theater + Electronics: how does a lightbulb work? In Music + Film: what’s a convention, and also, how do I make my own short films?

Outside of the classroom comes with more puzzles: How do I find my way around campus? (A special thanks to our proctors, who have been such welcoming and kind guides!) Where do I sit at lunch? How do I play this new sport or try this art project? How do I talk to kids who seem different than me? How do I challenge myself to get outside of my comfort zone? How do I maximize my creativity and character?

In time, our students will begin to find answers to these questions. Their picture of life at the Experimentory will quickly begin to take shape, and they’ll be pros at navigating the dining hall and the dorm in no time. But, my greatest hope for our students this summer is that they find more things to puzzle over than they do answers. Once they figure out how lightbulbs work, I hope they puzzle over how to design an entire lighting system for a theater. When they begin to understand the relationship between place and space, I hope they search for innovative ways to design buildings of the 21st century. And when they’ve made their first short films, perhaps they’ll puzzle over how to make a movie advocating for something about which they’re passionate.

And in the meantime, all of us together--students and staff--are each a puzzle piece. We’ll work collaboratively this summer, striving to learn more about each other and about the world around us. What we’ll create, we can’t say right now! But I’m almost certain it will be as bright and dynamic as the community puzzle we’re putting together in the library (and what’s that a picture of? You’ll have to wait and see!).

Puzzled Over How to Stay Connected?

If you need a little extra help on how to follow our adventures at the Experimentory this summer, here’s a quick and dirty guide to what you can find where with the hyperlinks to take you there:

Blog: Longer posts with updates about the daily goings-on at the Experimentory. While a link to the daily blog will be shared across all of our social media, you’ll have to visit our homepage to read them. Check back each day at 10AM for a post about the previous day. Be sure to send the link along to all friends and family interested in hearing about the Experimentory, and keep a watch out for your students!

Facebook: We’ll share short snippets and pictures here. Liking the Experimentory on Facebook will help those snippets show up in your newsfeed! Check back throughout the day for fun updates from us. Can be accessed from both computer and smart devices.

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Flickr: We know you’re missing your students, but we still want you to be able to see their faces each day! Look no further than Flickr, which will feature lots of photos from our adventures each day. Can be accessed from both computers and smart devices, but we’d recommend a computer so you can easily click through all the pictures. Our first Flickr update is coming tonight.

If you like something or love it, be sure to let us know!

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