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We Are Here: Deerfield Academy Campus

Jun 19, 2018 1:45:00 PM

When the Experimentory is in session, Deerfield Academy campus is a home-away-from-home for our students. This is a very nice place, but filling in for someone's home... those are some hard shoes to fill! This post will be a little tour of the important spaces and places where you will work, play, and rest this summer.

The Experimentory Dorm - The Experimentory will be in the Johnson-Doubleday dorms on the east side of campus. This gives us a huge common area for evening feeds and activities and a fantastic quad for outdoor games. Ready to move in?

 The Crow Commons are a great place to hang with friends in the evening. Students rehearse a dance routine in the Crow's Nest before  a performance that evening.

The Dining Hall - Experimentory students go to the Dining Hall for a taste of Deerfield Academy. Of course they literally enjoy some good eating, but they also get to sample our age-old tradition of sit down meals. Bring your appetite and dig in!

Students laughing over lunch in the dining hall.  

The Concert Hall - Everyone is together when we're in the dorms and Dining Hall. But when the Experimentory gathers for more structured activities, we head to the Wachsman Concert Hall. As part of the Hess Arts Center, it is the perfect place to hear student presentations, perform in the annual talent show, and gather for our performance-filled All X meetings. If you can play a clarinet, dance a jazz tap, or pull a rabbit from your hat, consider bringing whatever you might need for these performances. You, too, will be featured on this stage!

 Eight boys strike a pose while dancing during the Talent Show. The audience participates during a demonstration. Angelique sings a song about creativity that she wrote and composed herself. Students laugh nervously at the start of the Color Wars Spelling Bee.

The Acting Lab - Located in the Hess Center, this versatile space has a small stage, is large enough for warm-up exercises and games, and can hold a small audience for a performance! This year we'll be filling this space with drafting tables and architecture books: Design Where You Live: Urban Planning meets here.

Brandon and Josh, seventh grade international students, practice their lines before a performance. William and Aerin recite their lines for Communications class. Students perform for their classmates in Theater + Electronics class. 

The Koch - Fixer-Upper Planet and Adventures in Ethics classes will be meeting in the Koch Science Building this year. It's space and facilities will be perfect for building aquaponic systems and more! We also visit the Koch each summer for a planetarium show and other special events.

IMG_6895 IMG_5879

The Library - This is Experimentory Central. Mr. Correa's Oooh-la-la! French Culture, Comics, and Film meets here. This is also where you'll find Experimentory HQ. The Innovation Lab has all the tools and materials you might need to build a prototype. The Ideation Room has sophisticated displays for editing videos with a group. And, of course, you have book, books, books. Boyden Library is a veritable playground for curious minds. 

 Proctor Jan gives a crash course on Quiddich in the Architecture + Culture classroom. Students enjoying the Library space during freetime. A group of students edit their film while Shawn composes some additional music for the score.  Seventh graders hard at work on an Electronics project.

The Main School Building and Boyden Lane - When Deerfield Academy was a single building, the "MSB" was it. Today it houses important Academy offices as well as the History and Philosophy Departments. The Experimentory doesn't utilize the building very much, with one big exception: as students, parents, and friends trickle into town for Registration, this is the building you'll be looking for. Park out front (right about where this picture was taken), head up the walk, and let the fun begin!

Students work on an art project in the MSB's Caswell Library. The exterior of Deerfield Academy's Main School Building as seen from the road. This is the turn you should be looking for as you arrive at campus!

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