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Get Ready, Get Set: Who We Are

Jun 28, 2017 10:58:00 AM

It's time to introduce you to the heart and soul of all that we do each summer: our students. Of course, we ourselves here in the Experimentory Office have only met them from a distance. But after months of applications, phone calls, emails, surveys, and more, we are starting to get a strong sense of who they are - and we are excited by what we see. Here is some interesting information about our students.

A map of the globe hand drawn onto an "N" in an Experimentory sign.

Art Credit: This "N" was sketched by Exp16 Experimentor Noah.
Thanks, Noah!!

  • We come from the USA, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, and Korea.
  • Those of us in the US come from eight different states: Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Texas.
  • See the world map at the bottom of this post to explore where we all come from.
  • We have one student named Oliver and two named Olivia. We have three Williams, two Lucys, and two Kevins.
  • We have an incredible diversity of interests! Student interests include tennis, skateboarding, Star Wars, architecture, soccer, amateur film-making, music, drones, Rubik's Cubes, Minecraft, acting, anime, trombone, card tricks, kickboxing, gardening, cooking, reading, fencing, Model UN, dance, fishing, lacrosse, sci-fi, drawing, saxophone, mechanics, cheer leading, hip hop, martial arts, robotics, environmental causes, sewing, ice hockey, horseback riding, chess, D&D, and sailing. Whew!
  • There is a creative response section in our application, and student responses offer both insight and fun. Our Admissions Team has been sold time travel vacations to Ancient Rome, the ice age, a dystopian future, the Wright Brothers first flight, the Miracle on the Hudson, an alternate 2017, and more. We've learned how to make a planter out of a log, art out of slime, and a coaster out of acorns and glue. We've seen an interpretation of Van Gogh, stop motion animation, and an artistic depiction of the four seasons. We have tips on how to improve vacations, shaving, and slime. We've heard stories about discovering mermaid eggs, ancient bowls, alien space probes, and fortune telling oracles. To sum up: We're a creative bunch.

What will this curious, fun, diverse, ambitious group of middle school students make of their summer together? Stick around in the weeks to come and find out!


This map shows the homes of all our students, teaching fellows, and proctors. Staff and teachers are left out -- not because they are less important, but because most of us are just part of that dot over Deerfield.

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