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The Exp Summer Daily

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Guest Post: Mr. Brown on Leadership

Jul 25, 2019 9:41:55 AM

In recognition of the many people who make the Experimentory possible, we like to invite guest writers to contribute to the Experimentory Summer Daily. Today’s post is from Scott Brown, Co-Head of Residential Life. Mr. Brown, together with Ms. Erin Hutchinson, is responsible for the development and implementation of the new Leadership & Communication course that all of our students take in the evenings. In his first year with the Experimentory, Mr. Brown looks forward to watching students discover the different styles of leadership that exist and how they can be leaders in their communities.

Something new offered at Experimentory 2019 is a class on leadership development and communication. Most evenings after dinner, everybody gathers in groups of 12-14 to do a variety of activities that lead to small group discussions. We use these experiential exercises to get us moving and get us thinking before connecting these specific activities to various aspects of being a leader and effectively utilizing communication.

Some of the topics we may discuss over the next week and a half are:

  • Celebrating our commonalities AND our uniqueness
  • The importance of having a shared vision or direction
  • Gaining a group consensus
  • Perspectives: how to value those different from your own
  • Communication styles
  • Leadership roles
  • Facing adversity as a leader
  • Process improvement
  • Team building

Tonight is our first class for Session 2, and we will be discussing “powerful questions” and why they are so important for leaders (and, of course, for us) to use at the beginning of our Experimentory experience. So, for example, tonight when everybody has an opportunity to “Take A Stand,” they will share with their group the history of their name; they will complete the sentence “You may not know from looking at me, but…”; and they will answer one more powerful question (one that requires something other than a yes or no answer and makes you think before responding). We will then engage in a conversation about why we invited everyone to share and why it’s important to know the people around you...both at the Experimentory and as a leader in general.

We are excited about this new aspect of Experimentory 2019, and we certainly hope that you’ll ask participants about their evening experiences with our new leadership development program.

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The leadership course is taught by Experimentory Assistants. Here, Jackson watches his group talk their way through an activity.

Students participate in “the Big Picture,” an activity that invites them to think about perspective.

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