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Lights Up for Dress Rehearsal

Jul 20, 2019 12:06:20 AM

As the Session 1 showcase on Saturday approaches, our classes are hard at work with their final preparations. While some students put the finishing touches on posters, others are mixing and mastering music videos. We stopped into Mrs. Hynds’s “Break a Leg: Performance for the Stage” to watch their dress rehearsal for the showcase.

Where else at Deerfield can you find three schoolchildren, an Iraq War infantryman, and two goldfish in a room together? In the Acting Lab, the theater class has been exploring all sorts of characters together. Today, illuminated by theater lights hung in the studio, the actors gathered for their first and last dress rehearsal of their scenes. For the past two weeks, 13 students have been working with Mrs. Hynds, an acclaimed theater director, exploring the fundamentals of acting.



Mrs. Hynds reviews the running order
with the ensemble

Theater assistant Martha takes notes during the company run

Mrs. Hynds spent the beginning of the first week working on building ensemble with the class. Group theater games helped the budding actors to break out of their comfort zones and feel more relaxed around each other. Silly, fun activities helped the students access a greater degree of confidence onstage.

The students received their scenes only last Friday. They had the option to be off-book by the performance, or to perform from a script; every single student in the class decided to perform from memory! All of the actors are paired up for dialogues or three-person scenes. Each actor is also tasked with introducing another group’s scene to the audience.  

EXP19-9806 EXP19-9842

Fiona L. bemoans her parents during “Punishment”

Tasman H. delivers a monologue

The scenes range from comedic to dramatic. In “Lemonade,” two warring entrepreneurs duke it out on the street corner to garner the most beverage business. In another scene, Eric L. and Makenzie B. swim around as goldfish bored to death of being in a bowl. In the most dramatic dialogue, Tasman H. recollects her time with her (onstage) brother, Preston H. a military man deployed in Iraq.

Under Mrs. Hynds’s expert direction, the young actors have grown leaps and bounds. As their confidence has increased, they’ve become better able to lead their peers. Teaching assistant Martha said that she is “most excited to have the kids run their own show. We are taking a step back and they’re doing it all themselves up there.”

We look forward to seeing their hard work tomorrow during the showcase, along with all of the other Experimentors!

Ben Grimm

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