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Day 14: Weekend Round Up

Jul 25, 2017 8:41:55 AM

Weekends at the Experimentory are F-U-N. But the activities also provide students with opportunities to grow, both as individuals and as a community. This weekend, we: went head to head with Yao Ming (okay, so it was only a wax figure at the Basketball Hall of Fame); climbed to the top of the world, otherwise known around here as 'the Rock'; picked up some (toy) hedgehogs; visited the Eric Carle Museum; tugged some rope at the Dorm Olympics; sang our hearts out at the talent show; and celebrated Christmas in July. Below, Media Manager Kayla Corcoran and Media Proctor Abby Shepherd share more about the Dorm Olympics and the Talent Show.

The Dorm Olympics

For some interactive fun, we recommend listening to John Williams' Olympic Fanfare and Theme while reading this post.

While the Experimentory and KIPP/STEP share a campus and meal times, both programs are usually busy with their own schedules. Luckily, we get to share a few fun events together, including an Art Night run by the Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp (DASAC) and the Dorm Olympics, which the proctors helped organize for this past weekend. The Dorm Olympics come with all the fanfare of the regular Olympics, except, perhaps, on a smaller scale. And we've got all your classic Olympic games: Tug of War, running relays, alumnimum foil sculpture, and, our personal favorite, the wiggle-a-cookie-down-your-face-and-try-to-eat-it event (we really hope the Olympic Committee considers adding this even to its regular programming).

Pull, pull! Stephanie works with some KIPP/STEPers in a frenzied game of tug of war!


Rather than having Experimentors and KIPP/STEPers working against each other, both programs took advantage of an opportunity to practice collaboration and to meet new friends. Each team had four KIPP/STEP students and four Experimentory students competing against other mixed teams. Will N. loved the way that the day was designed: “It was interesting to meet all of them and work together with them. We all learned how to work with people we just met.”  

The purple team ended up winning the Olympics, but their victory wasn’t just built on athletic prowess. Teams could earn points for cheering for their teammates. Seeing students go from just meeting at lunch to shouting each other’s names at the final tug-of-war showed how building character means stepping out of one’s comfort zone and making new connections.

Carolyn enjoys a popsicle at the end of the day.


The Talent Show

It turns out that we're a pretty talented bunch, though, if we're being honest, is anyone surprised? We've got singers, dancers, magicians, artists, rappers, and comedians. The performers on Saturday night brought their best (and their best dress!) and the audience was warm and supportive.

Proctors Ellie and Sam kicked off the evening with a round of applause and some jokes, introducing Ms. Terrell and Daniel as the first act. Ms. Terrell, with some help from the audience, described her dream house to Daniel, who promised to deliver a final drawing later on in the evening (it turned out to be a pretty amazing house!).  There turned it to be more suprises during the night: Kevin C. and Jayson started singing an Ed Sheeran song, only to "rickroll" the audience, meaning that the song suddenly changed to Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up.' Qiheng pulled out some surprisingly clever magic tricks with some help from his assistant Oliver. 

Check out our YouTube page for videos of the performances! 

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