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Pre-Program Post 2 - Coming Soon...

Jun 22, 2016 6:27:00 PM

Since Experimentory 2016 course clusters start in less than three weeks, we decided it was time for some preview teaser trailers. Here's a taste of one project from each cluster.

Roll film … cue music … and action!

When you download an mp3 or purchase your favorite movie on Blu-ray, the culture you’re enjoying isn’t the work of a single artist. Even solo acts are part of a network that discovers their talent, comes up with an album concept, records the music, designs a cover, and finally distributes the final product.

Since Mr. Correa and Mr. Peisch want their Film + Music class to emulate these professionals, one of your first tasks will be to form a production company with a group of classmates. As you choose a specialty, design a logo, and make a short stop-motion commercial with jingle you’ll hone your visual and musical literacy while becoming familiar with the tools of the class.

“C3PO, 3PO, wherefore art thou, 3PO?”

Stage Theater is more than just reading aloud – actors speak as characters with emotion. It also takes place in four dimensions with the players carefully planned movement and pauses across the stage.

Ms. Speed will teach you the essential art of blocking – planning the movement of players on stage as they act out a scene. Meanwhile, you’ll be building robotic players with Ms. Jimenez. Your challenge: programming them to follow your blocking marks and move on cue. Finally, you’ll need to voice the lines: Ms. Speed will direct as you figure out how to convey personality and feeling when your robot is the one physically on stage.

Olive Hut, Pizza House or Garden of Pancakes

If you were magically teleported into an empty restaurant but not shown a menu or any of the food, would you be able to guess what was served there? Could you figure out whether the food was cheap or expensive? Could you guess what city or part of the world you were in? Why does any of this matter?

Students in Ms. Sherburne and Mr. Payne’s classes will spend one of their projects examining the connection between food and place. You’ll start by exploring basic questions: Why do we go out to eat? What do restaurants say about society? After visiting a local restaurant together you’ll discuss the connections between restaurant themes, menus, and buildings. Finally, you’ll choose a theme and design a place of your own.

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