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Pre-Program Post 4: Becoming a Team

Jul 7, 2016 6:44:00 PM

Writer: Tim Schaffer, Program Coordinator

At 6pm Monday, after two flights and a long layover, a travel-weary Mr. Thrasher arrived at the Hartford Airport from his home in California. His first impression of New England: “It’s so green.” (We’re actually having a bit of a drought right now, but there’s a huge difference between a drier spring in the American North East and Los Angeles.)

And so the gathering began. Some, like Mr. Thrasher, flew in the next day from points west – California and Ohio. New Yorkers and New Englanders drove. And a few of us just walked across campus. But by Tuesday afternoon all had arrived to form the Experimentory Staff Team.

It’s been a busy week since then: planning co-curricular times, bonding as a group, anticipating student needs, learning CPR, and eating ice cream. (It is summer, after all.) The result: We are getting very excited.

I asked around to learn what in particular people were looking forward to doing with students. Here are some responses:

Samantha Morse, Proctor: “Dorm life is going to be great – the Johnson and Doubleday dorms form such a welcoming environment. We came up with some great ideas for dorm feeds this morning – things like mac and cheese and brownies, of course, but we’d also like to get ideas from the kids. Maybe we’ll be able to make some of their favorite foods from back home? Then we can learn about one another while we eat.”

Daniel Thrasher, Teaching Fellow: “Being new to Deerfield, I am impressed: our electronics and theater spaces are excellent! It’s been great to have some intense curriculum planning time with Ms. Jimenez and Ms. Speed and figure out how to use those spaces. Today we tried to anticipate different student interests and needs. We want to be ready to be flexible.”

David Payne, Teaching Faculty: “As the architecture teacher, I look forward to introducing students to both the built and natural environment of Deerfield. Since we have students coming from all over the world, I’m also curious to learn what students expect those environments to be like. That will be a great starting point for discussion.”

Jill Schaffer, Director: “One of the great things about the Experimentory is that we pack in as many opportunities to try new things as we can – in the classroom, during co-curriculars, and on fieldtrips. I simply love seeing the look on kids’ faces when they try something new for the first time and discover that they love it.”

We are ready to meet you, Experimentory Class of 2016. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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