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The Exp Summer Daily

Our summer news consists of daily updates while we're in session -- giving a window into past years.

Something New: Student Publications

Jul 17, 2019 1:13:22 PM

Student Publications started in a staff brainstorm. If we want to grow in our creativity (and we at Exp definitely do!) trying something new can be a good starting point.  So we asked: how might we try to tap into our students' interest in writing and publication during co-curricular time? A yearbook club? A newspaper? Contributions to this blog? We decided to give the group loose parameters: create something that captures a story about Experimentory Session 1. I'm glad we did: the students have been thriving in that open-ended freedom.

When I visited Student Publications in their corner of the Library, they were dividing into project groups. The largest, which included Leila, Ningning, Fiona, and Leah, were taking a journalistic approach. "We're going to write about our weekend activities," they explained. Tentatively they thought two would report on one field trip and two on the other.

Students smile during a brainstorm session Young journalists reporting

Fiona and Isabel making their plans...

...and then getting to work.

Some groups were bringing past experience to bear on this project. Marcus Y and Ginny were making slideshows about their personal Experimentory stories. Marcus was working on visuals when I pulled up a chair. "There I am!" He was pointing at a picture on our Flickr account. "See, that's my shoe." He pointed at the screen and then at the sneaker currently on his foot. It was indeed a match... but the shot was an out-of-focus photo of his back with another student as the subject. "Hmmm. I hope I can find a better one than that," he decided. Soon he had and he was arranging it on a slide. "I went with a green background because of Deerfield," he explained. The picture was cropped into a leaf shape -- perhaps because of the arboreal ropes course setting. It looked good!

7th grade student edits a slide Students collaborating on a project

Marcus arranges his first slides on Monday.

  Ginny checks out Marcus' progress on Tuesday.

Other students were venturing into new territory. Bruce F had told me earlier that he'd been a sports editor for his school's yearbook this past term. Now, however, he and Alex H were planning on interviewing friends at night in the dorm about their experience. 

Annisa was also going to conduct interviews. I helped her consider the focus of her interviews and brainstorm questions for a bit. Then she conducted a practice interview with Martha, the Assistant leading the co-curricular, and then used that experience to refine her question list.

Finally, some students were taking a much more artistic approach. Arielsie was bringing an existing passion to the table. "I'm going to make a comic!"

"Will it be funny," I asked, "or more action-adventure? And how long?"

"I think funny. And it will probably be about four pages." I was impressed! 

"She just wants to draw pictures of herself as a pig!" Linda chimed in. Linda was working on a poem next to her friend.

"...Is there anything wrong with that?" Arielsie laughed. "It will be about the Experimentory," she said to me. "Only everyone will be a pig." She smiled broadly.

A Cartoonist at Work

Arielsie (not yet drawn as a pig), our resident cartoonist.

I am excited to see how all these projects come together this week: which follow their initial vision, which transform, which take a published paper form and which are digital. You'll notice I haven't included any pictures of the work itself here. I hate spoilers! You'll have to tune in later this week to learn more. 

Tim Schaffer

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