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The Exp Summer Daily

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Weekend Roundup – Week 1

Jul 16, 2019 10:36:52 AM


The past weekend was filled to the brim with field trips and on-campus activities for the Experimentors. We all had the chance to soak in the sunshine and try new things together. Read on to hear about brain-busting puzzles in the escape rooms, high-flying aerial adventures, and a 17-part relay race right here on campus.

Here at the Experimentory, we believe in a healthy balance between work and life. As such, our weekends are typically a time to switch up the regular academic programming schedule; but don’t worry, we still keep busy! Each weekend is packed with trips throughout New England, from local parks to Six Flags. Weekend number one was no exception – the whirlwind of activities began right after students made their first phone calls home on Friday evening. From there, our famous green buses departed for All In Adventures in Hadley, where students used their teamwork skills to solve puzzles in the escape rooms. Students also visited Target to stock up on snacks and any necessities that might have been left behind.


Saturday began with a long bus ride to the hills of Lanesborough, MA, which provided the perfect backdrop for an adrenaline-filled day at Ramblewild Team Building & Aerial Adventure Park. The Experimentors were excited to test their skills on the aerial courses, but the first half of the day was spent on the ground. There Ramblewild guides worked through a number of team building activities which challenged students to bring their individual leadership skills into small groups to complete tasks. After a lunch break and brief safety orientation, we moved to higher ground – that is, Ramblewild’s aerial park, located within an 11-acre hemlock grove. The park has 8 courses to choose from, each winding from tree to tree at various heights. To keep things exciting, each course consists of 15-17 elements (which include everything from zip lines to rope ladders) designed to make adventurers feel confident and inspired.


Jonathan E. navigates a challenging aerial course

48290217177_b21e7be03a_o 48290217657_10c5f337b8_o

Phin G. makes his way across the logs.

Kenneth F. hangs in his harness.


A few hours on the aerial courses was enough to tire everyone out for the ride back to Deerfield, where we enjoyed dinner in the dining hall followed by a movie screening in the dorm common room.

Sunday was especially hot, but that didn’t stop us from getting hyped for the Experimentory World Cup, an all-day competition that highlights the many talents of our Experimentors. After painting their faces and decking themselves out in team colors, everyone gathered in front of the library to come up with group cheers and divvy up the upcoming events. Assistants Jada and Young served as the leaders of the event, and each team had two assistants as their captains.

48286248236_7dcb72500d_o 48289800797_a96a626c0a_o

Jada and Young as Captain(s) Experimentory.

David P. huddles with his team



Ningning X. wins dodgeball for the Blue Team!

Students from all team colors cheer each other on!

After a fierce game of dodgeball, songwriting, dance, and a 17-part relay race filled with goofy challenges (including hula hoop running, cracker whistling, and leapfrogging) were just a few of the events in the lineup, and it was incredible to see our students put their newly developed team-building skills into action.

48286349922_5e317f35e5_o 48289797882_e25e93c99f_o

Oliver C. shows off his face paint

Assistants Ricardo, Ian, and Brigid score the relay

48289692346_b10e8eeab4_o 48289690386_63951a4c6c_o
The Blue Team practices leapfrog Jnana laughing between events
48289688536_affbe38855_o 48289797177_c1882c0e4e_o
Ian proudly wears yellow for his team Paige S. celebrates the Red Team’s victory

A close competition ended in victory for the red team, but the biggest win was the unbreakable spirit that emerged from each and every team.

For more photos of this action-packed weekend (and more to come), please check out the Experimentory’s Flickr account here – we’ll be updating in batches throughout the program.

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