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Exp News: Announcing our 2019 Courses

December 7, 2018

If someone asks "What is most important in determining the success of the Experimentory each year?" the answer is clear: our students. But almost as important are our classes. Students attend the Experimentory to sample Deerfield Academy while maximizing their creativity and character. Our courses are where those goals become a practical reality. 

Which is why we are very pleased that our Summer 2019 course lineup will be our largest yet, covering a wide range of arts, sciences and humanities.

As always, Experimentory courses are interdisciplinary, project-based, and creative.  They are also taught by Deerfield teachers -- an essential part of the Deerfield Experience. And they are also designed to be fun, fun, fun!

Our 2019 Courses:

  • 13.8 Billion Years: Big History
  • Augmented Morality: Tech Ethics
  • Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking
  • From Blinking Cursor to Glossy Page: Creating a Literary Magazine
  • Functional Art: Architectural Sketching and Design
  • The Great American Musical: Musical Theatre
  • Lab Coat Jerseys: The Science of Sports
  • Makerspace: Creative Problem Solving
  • Speak for the Trees: Environmental Citizenship
  • Take the Stage: Performance on the Stage
  • Your First Drop: Lyric Writing and Video Production

If you visit our Courses page you'll find a short description of each course. 

Does this list make you as excited as we are about next summer? Then let's talk about that most important factor in our summer -- becoming a student.

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