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Mentors of Things Obvious Yet Hidden: Architecture + Culture Faculty

June 7, 2017

"Structures for Society" is our invisible cluster. No no, we're not talking ninja stealth or deathly hallows. Architecture and culture are things hidden in plain sight. A delicious pastry or a funny turn of phrase is like the tip of an iceberg: they might poke up into our awareness, but the bulk of cuisine and language remain hidden. Like a fish in water, we live in planned and shaped spaces, but usually look through buildings rather than at them. 

Seeing the invisible -- that's a tall order! But thankfully you have some great guides. Here they are!


Mr. Payne, Architecture:  It's only natural Mr. Payne would have a passion for New England architecure: he's lived in and around it most of his life! 

Ms. Sherburne, Culture: Whether by mock trial or makeshift museum, Ms. Sherburne actively engages her students in history.

Ms. Insuik, Teaching Fellow: Brain science, deep philosophy, and word play -- Ms. Insuik is a woman of diverse passions.

All of these blog posts introducing our 2017 staff team are but an open door -- a preamble -- a foundation. Don't just lolligag in the foyer -- step into the rest of the house! Visit our Experimentory People Page for full descriptions of Ms. Insuik, Ms. Sherburne, and Mr. Payne, along with the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

William, Ava, and Serena proudly present their Peruvian hotel and restaurant design at the Experimentory Final Showcase.

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