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Mentors in Making Friends: The Community Life Staff

June 17, 2017

You can't build a tree. Sure, you might make something out of plastic and silk that can trick the eye for a moment or two. But the best art is still artificial. Your creation won't grow, won't bend towards the light, won't freshen the air, and won't feed you with fruit. The process of making a tree involves clearing space, watering, pruning, nurturing -- and knowing when to get out of the way and let nature take its course.

Head of Community Life Mr. Kelly tells Sean the history of the Pioneer Valley on a hike during Experimentory 2015.


Similarly, friendships and community are grown, not constructed. We want the Experimentory to be a vibrant community, but we don't nail sticks together, paste on some leaves and call it an elm. We have gardeners: our a Head of Community Life and a Head of Residential Life. Their jobs are to make sure that our students have the right nurturing environment to become a fun and supportive group of friends.

Here are the Experimentory staff members who will water and weed, clearing the space we need to flourish.

Mr. Kelly, Head of Community Life:  To talk to Mr. Kelly is to hear a story -- and a story in a classic Bostonian accent, at that. As the Head of Community Life, Mr. Kelly oversees Co-Curriculars, DFG, and field trips.

Ms. Steim, Head of Residential Life: With experience teaching in Maine, Jordan, and at DA, Ms. Steim is used to working with all sorts of different students. As the Head of Residential Life, she makes our dorms into homes and plans hall meetings with our proctors.

This post is just an ice breaker -- a "Hello my name is" tag -- a tiny sapling. On our Experimentory People Page this is grown out into a sprawling oak with a tire swing! There you'll find full descriptions of Ms. Steim and Mr. Kelly, plus the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

 A group of students pose at the Final Experimentory Celebration in 2015.

Friendships Formed: Albert, Elliot, Neto, Sarah, Angelique, Meghan and Hannah pose at the end of Exp15.

Photo Credit: Alex Y (Exp15 & Exp16).

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