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Mentors Behind the Scenes: Our Office Staff

June 20, 2017

We are nearly done introducing our 2017 Staff Team. Can you guess who is left?

You've met the girls and boys proctors; teachers from our three clusters; and our Community and Residential Life Heads. But if you've called, emailed, or applied to the Experimentory, you didn't communicate with a teacher or a proctor. This final post introduces those who plan, tweet, bandage, organize, stock, diagnose, post, edit, and promote: our office staff.

Ms. Schaffer with a group of students at a sitdown lunch

Here are the folks who help it all come together:

Ms. Corcoran, Media Manager: Ever the globe-trotting lover of history and culture, Ms. Corcoran will be visiting the Baltic Sea in the month before the Experimentory -- be sure to ask her about it! At Exp17 she will co-write and oversee the Experimentory Blog and all our social media posts.

Ms. Gardner, Director of Nursing: Ms. Gardner is the resident expert on the medical side of the registration process -- immunizations, permissions, forms, etc. She is also a mother, a dog owner, and a regular walker through the southern fields.

Ms. O'Neil, Staff Nurse: We seriously hope you won't have to visit Ms. O'Neil on a regular basis, but it's good to know that you have the sniffles, a sprain, or something more serious, Ms. O'Neil will get you patched up and back in action. 

Ms. Schaffer, Director: As the woman in charge, Ms. Schaffer has a hand in everything that happens at the Experimentory -- from promotion, to admissions, to communication, to academics, to vision. However, it's those opportunities to see students thrive that really make her heart sing.


Mr. Tim Schaffer, Program Coordinator: A writer, a kidder, a talker, a friend -- these are all good ways of describing Mr. Schaffer. When you email or call the Experimentory office, he's the one most likely to answer. He's also the one writing these posts!

This post is just Toto pulling back the curtain -- a nod to the Front of House -- the pit crew roster. Visit our Experimentory People Page for full descriptions of the Schaffers, the nurses, and Ms. Corcoran, plus the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

Mr. Schaffer chaperoning our annual field trip to Boston.

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