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Mentors on the Stage and in the Lab: Theater + Electronics Faculty

May 25, 2017

We want our course clusters to seem a little... crazy. A good interdisciplinary mashup should make you say, "Wow -- in one class??" In that regard, "Comedy, Tragedy, Circuitry" is a mix that approaches Mad Scientist territory. Thankfully we have a faculty team just crazy enough to pull it off -- hopefully without torches and pitchforks.

Each Course Cluster is taught by a team of three -- two Teachers and one Teaching Fellow.

Mr. Bakker, Electronics:. Step into his dining room and you'll see that Mr. Bakker enjoys exploring new ideas: an experimental hydroponic green wall covers one wall.

Mr. Thrasher, Theater: A man mildly obsessed with pianos and fake titles, Mr. Thrasher is an actor joining us from LA for his second Experimentory experience.

Ms. Terrell: Theater was part of Ms. Terrell's interest set early on -- in fact one of her favorite reads growing up was the Greek classic tragedy Oedipus Rex.

After hours of programing, Brandon, Bella, William and Lucy are ready to test their robotic actor!

Like all of the posts in our blog series introducing our 2017 staff team, this is but a initial schematic -- a dress rehearsal -- a warm-up exercise. Now its time to see the full performance! Visit our Experimentory People Page for full descriptions of Ms. Terrell, Mr. Thrasher, and Mr. Bakker, along with the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

++ Note ++ Comparing Theatre + Electronics to mad scientists was a bit of an inside joke: Exp16 classes performed scenes from Frankenstein during their Final Showcase. Watch these scenes -- and note the electronics props and lighting effects -- on our YouTube channel.

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