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Mentors in the Dorm: The Doubleday Proctors

May 18, 2017

Our last blog post only told half a story. Today we continue introducing our 2017 Experimentory Proctors Team with the boys' proctors hailing from Doubleday Dorm.

Proctors at the Rock.jpg

Experimentory Proctors invest a lot of time and energy in our students each summer. These are five young men who will help you learn, laugh, innovate, and grow!

Ryan: Have questions about campus? Ryan grew up Deerfield, attended Deerfield Academy, and this is his second summer working at the Experimentory. His knowledge is approaching oracle status.

Robert: A budding neuro-scientist, fiction writer, and joke teller, Robert will tell you a funny story -- then explain what happens in your brain to make you laugh.

Sam: It's not every day you meet someone whose hobbies include barbering. You read that right: Sam enjoys cutting other people's hair.

Dylan: With a contagious energy and positive attitude, you'll like having Dylan in your corner -- and if you're into college basketball, ask him about working with the Syracuse Orangemen!

Brandon: With his big brother demeanor and a love for helping others, Brandon was a natural choice for our team. 

Like the one that came before it, this post is but an executive summary -- an elevator pitch -- a back-of-a-napkin sketch. You don't want to miss seeing the working prototype! Visit our Experimentory People Page for full descriptions of Brandon, Dylan, Sam, Robert, and Ryan, along with the rest of the Exp17 Staff Team.

++ Note ++ This post's featured image is a picture of five Exp16 proctors visiting the Rock at sunset. Can you match their silhouettes with Allan's cartoons from the other day???

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