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Experimentory News: The Exp18 Program Takes Shape

November 29, 2017

In the spirit of trying new things, it is time for some exciting announcements about our 2018 program: We have new flexibility, new courses, and new options for local students. 


Fitting Your Schedule 


Our 2018 students will have three options for fitting the Experimentory into their summer schedule: our traditional four week program (July 8 – August 4) or two week programs (Session 1: July 8 – 20; Session 2: July 22 – August 3). 

We still highly recommend the four week experience. More time together means more complex projects, closer friendships, deeper study, and more fun. But we don't want students to choose between us and a family vacation or starting school on time. Although we recommend the Experimentory as a main course, it is an excellent side dish if your plate is already pretty full.

Choosing Your Adventure

We have a brand new lineup of classes planned for 2018: 

Designing Where We Live: Architecture and Urban Planning (2 or 4 Weeks)
Teacher: Mr. David Payne

What Would You Do? Adventures in Ethics (2 Weeks)
Teacher: Ms. Becca Melvoin

Ooh La La! French Culture Through Cinema and Comics (2 Weeks)
Teacher: Mr. Jaime Correa

Sustainability: A Fixer-Upper of a Planet (2 or 4 Weeks)
Teacher: Mr. Ben Bakker

Each student will take two classes at a time. Two week students will choose two of these four options. Students enrolled for all four weeks have more options: they could take all four two week versions of the classes, or they could choose to go more in depth with longer versions of Architecture & Urban Planning and/or Sustainability.

Read course descriptions on our Courses page.

Inviting Our Neighbors

2018 will pioneer a day student program for students living locally. This is our latest way of emulating Deerfield Academy culture and traditions.  Day students will join us either during or after breakfast and participate in all daily activities: courses, sit-down lunch, co-curriculars, and free time. They’ll stay into the late afternoon ending around 5:30 each day with the option to stay for dinner and evening activities. Day students may also choose to join us for some evening and weekend field trips and activities.

Building Our Summer

Our courses and schedule are a blueprint, not a building. The foundation of any school are students and families. Our Application goes up next week and we hope to see one from you!

Have any questions about... well, anything?

Schedule a call with our office!


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