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Maximize Your Character: Friendship

February 14, 2018

Designing a city. Creating a short film inspired by the genius pioneers of French cinema. Building prototype garden capable of sustaining an astronaut on Mars. Understanding the values that make human civilization possible. These grand achievements all ring sadly hollow without friends to help, cheer, console and congratulate.

Our students depart our program each summer with new academic passions and insights, but they rave the most about the friends they’ve made along the way. Here's how one student has put it:

"We became a family.  

It didn’t matter that we were in different grades in school, or that we came from different countries and had such diverse backgrounds. We made so many inside jokes that I can’t even count them all. The memories we created were full of laughter and pure joy. 

We were all weird in our different ways, but for the first time in forever, I felt like I’d finally met my people."

-- Natasha L, Exp16

In the context of a program like the Experimentory -- or a boarding school like Deerfield -- friends are more than just the other kids you hang out with in your free time. They are your support system, your co-creators, your community -- but more on that in our next Sampling Deerfield post. 

Below is a photo tribute to some friendships from Exp15, Exp16, and Exp17. Ready to make your own friends at Exp18?

Apply today!

Here's to friends!

Students join hands at the annual program danceAfter a month of close friendship, Exp15 girls goof around before a campfire.Three eighth grade boys hanging at the Experimentory danceCami and Coryell on the Six Flags field tripA group of Exp16 students visiting a restaurant with their Architecture + Culture classThree seventh grade girls pose at Exp17.Jana and Paige getting ready for thier final presentationsJason, Jonathan, and Abram sing acapella in the annual talent showNatasha and Lucia explore and photograph nature during an afternoon cocurricular time.Davis and Jared hanging out


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