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Maximize Your Creativity and Character: Grit

February 6, 2018

“Our whole project is ruined!” Marcus was beside himself. It was the night before the final Experimentory Showcase. In less than 24 hours, they would be presenting their final projects to gathered friends, family, and faculty. And on this night of all nights, a teammate had inadvertently used a wrong power supply, frying the circuit board of an automated prop they’d spent a week building. Feeling fried himself, Marcus said he was calling it quits and heading back to the dorm.

I couldn't blame him -- can you? Creative work is exhausting -- especially when venturing beyond the limits of your previous experience and comfort zone. A setback like this is enough to run anyone dry.

A seventh grader wiring a robotThankfully, Ms. Jimenez, Marcus' Electronics + Theater teacher, had arrived. "Marcus, you and Cara are the only programmers for the Ghost Dress, and reprogramming is not a one person job,” Ms. Jimenez explained. “Your team needs you.” With this perspective, Marcus stepped up – and by the next day, the prop worked again.

Grit is a tough, enduring determination to see something through to the end. It's an essential element of a successful innovator -- and therefore one of the Experimentory's core values. Unfortunately, it can't be uploaded into your personality through a port in the back of your head -- it has to be grown the hard way. Experimentory courses -- full of planned challenges and unplanned bumps along the way -- are a great way to learn those lessons.

* Note: This is a true story from a past Experimentory program, but the names and project details have been changed since Marcus' despair was shared privately with Mr. Schaffer and Ms. Jimenez. 

Students perform theater scenes in the final showcase

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