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Maximize Your Creativity: Failure

March 9, 2017

What is this? Failure as a way to maximize creativity?? No no, failure is bad -- embarrassing -- something to avoid at all costs, right? Aren't we aiming for a résumé with an unbroken chain of wins, A’s, and accomplishments? If you fall short, you should keep your head down and move on to something else... right?

Wrong. This all-too-common reaction to failure is not only is it psychologically unhealthy, it prevents innovation. Sure failure stings, but properly regarded it also leads to learning and improvements. Innovators embrace failure as part of the process: test, fail, improve, test again, fail differently, improve some more, and so on. That’s the iterative process – and an essential part of the Experimentory’s philosophy. At the Experimentory failures are appreciated (even if not always enjoyed) as a natural part of playful experimentation and taking aim at ambitious goals.

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