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Maximize Your Creativity: Joy

May 9, 2017

Joy is something special. It's too lively to be confused with simple contentment. With roots deeper than your current circumstances, it's more than happiness. Joy is finding something that makes your heart sing.

One of our goals each summer is to experience the joy of discovery. That joy can take many forms: Deepening your understanding of a subject. Fixing a particularly stubborn problem. Creating something unexpectedly beautiful or useful or innovative. Connecting with a new friend. Or even discovering something about yourself!

Here are some anonymous comments our past students shared about their time at the Experimentory:

"When I first got there, I was scared. But as the days went by, I learned I could take care of myself and learn."

 "I learned how beneficial it is to work with kids from all different cultures. ...Everyone bringing in different ideas made the program unique and creative."

"I really enjoy working in the greenhouse. I would love to try that again at home."

 "If I put my mind to it, I can achieve any project that comes my way."

"It was a great experience being a leader... Being [a band manager] made me realize how much work is put into every little thing."

"I was not afraid to share my true feelings and character. I earned respect and friendship as a result."

Here's to many more discoveries this summer!



Like many of the best things in life, you can't plan or schedule joy. But you can carve out opportunities for potential discovery, and the different parts of our program each aim at that in their own way. To learn more about those parts, visit our Experience page.

For an extended student perspective, read student Natasha's reflection on her personal growth.

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